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This is a page for a mediation process we are developing to help address interpersonal conflicts in and relating to the Noisebridge community. Mediators are committed to helping to de-escalate conflict, seek resolution, and provide community support and protection for the rights of all parties.

ConflictResolution contains general guidance for members of the community who are experiencing problems. These suggestions might help someone who is trying to decide if they should seek mediation or not.

The following people are available to help mediate conflicts and provide a sounding board and guidance for people who are experiencing troublesome interpersonal interactions.

  • Rachel Lyra
  • Rachel M
  • Mitch
  • Kelly

The following resources might be helpful in approaching mediation situations

(internet conflict mediation resources?)

Noisebridge operates by anarchic chaos, doocracy, and, like all organizations, a healthy serving of precedent. There are no rules for how this process should work, but we have some suggestions:

(some suggestions?)

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