Meeting Notes 2008 01 22

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Meeting Notes[edit]

Roughly 10-12 people showed up for the meeting. Not everyone showed up at the same time, so we did not go through a formal agenda. Instead, we discussed the following topics at various points during the night. Please edit to add anything DavidMolnar left out:

  • Insurance update
   - David Molnar reported on calling insurance agents. Two agents have promised to call back on 23/01/08 
   with more information and possibly a quote. We need a 1-paragraph description of what Noisebridge does, 
   see InsuranceQuestions. David also provided the wiki link because one of the agents needed to see a 
   web site for any new business. We will find out soon if this was a mistake.
   - David reported that one of the insurance agents wanted to know what kind of "electronics assembly" projects 
   we might do; David gave as an example the mind alteration device with LED flashing lights. The insurance agent 
   thought it was interesting. 
   - Several other agents have been messaged and should get back to David soon. 
   - We said that for now, we do not plan to do anything in the space that might be extraordinarily dangerous 
  • Basement 9th and Mission update
   - Landlord has not called back yet. 
  • Marc made food, and we ordered indian pizza
   - Yum! Mugwort soba, brazillian fruit sorbet, other fun stuff.
  • New people showed up
   - We saw several people who had not made it to a Noisebridge meeting before. Welcome!
  • Hacker space discussion
   - We talked about other spaces in the US that are hacker or art spaces
   - Public n3rd Area, Mission counterPULSE, NIMBY, etc. 
   - We talked about what we want to see from Noisebridge that is different from current groups
   - Specifically, counterPULSE rents hourly space and isn't good for long-term projects, SF Microcontroller group 
   does not have a space, NIMBY is more of a space rental and less of a community, etc.