Meeting Notes 2008 06 17

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! Results

!!Main results: (See discussion to be added below for how we got here.)

Option 2 - Board + Members.

Initial Board Members (5):

  1. Mitch Altman
  2. Jake Appelbaum
  3. Rachel McConnell
  4. Andy Issacson
  5. Noah Balmer

Initial Officers (3):

  1. Executive Director - Jake Appelbaum
  2. Treasurer - Mitch Altman
  3. Secretary - David Molnar

!! Next Steps

  1. Jake asks Wendy Seltzer to contribute suggestions
  2. Mitch takes bylaws to Carol Gee for review (David M. paying for 1 hr time)
  3. Final drafting/editing of bylaws
  4. Incorporation meeting - sign Articles, Bylaws, file with state
  5. Obtain bank account
  6. Find a space
  7. Throw party

Bigass Bylaws Meeting!!


Two already written up versions of our bylaws will be written up and ready to choose between. Everyone interested in finishing off the bylaws will be locked in a room, and no one gets out till we choose between option 1 (without big-M Members) or option 2 (with big-M Members), and we have our bylaws typed up and ready to mail out to the state!

If we choose Option 2, we will need to decide whether to approve the suggestion that we have a lawyer (perhaps Carol Gee, who we met with earlier about our bylaws) take a look at them before mailing in our bylaws (since bylaws with big-M Members are more complex, legally). David has graciously offered to pay for an hour of lawyer fees for this. If approved, we will need to choose the lawyer.

Here is the Bylaws, with Option 1 parts in yellow, and Option 2 parts in green (and all parts in common are in black):

Here are some notes for discussion (taken at the committee meeting where we came up with Option 1 and Option 2 Bylaws):

A formal method for accepting new Members (big-M or little-M). Option 1: active people get together and say they are cool with a person becoming a member Option 2: same as Option 1, but we also need to have a meeting where Members vote a Member in.

Article II, Section 1, Option 2: Two months, or three, or ?

Note: if we have big-M Members, the minimum notice for an agenda item is 10 days, so if someone wants to bring up an agenda item, they may need to bring it up 3 meetings away (e.g, if it’s Monday the 1st of the month, the next meeting is 1 day notice, the 2nd meeting is 8 days, but the 3rd meeting is 15 days, which is OK). But if there is a meeting where there is a quorum (with more than 1/3 (or X%), then something new can be brought up.

Article II, Section 8, Option 2: If 2/3 needed for kicking out a board member, then might be difficult to get rid of them, since it is 2/3 of all Members (not just 2/3 of a quorum). If 50%+1, then easy for a clique to get rid of a board member as soon they get a majority

Article III, Section 1, Option 2: We need a lawyer to word this section for us.