Meeting Notes 2008 07 01

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Things to talk about:

  1. Presence at the last HOPE!
  2. Spaces, maybe coordinating calling + visiting work
  3. Fun project progress & ideas
  4. Admin updates (bylaws, bank) if there's anything new
    1. progress with lawyer review?
    2. adding to the mission statement (FOSS/H)


Edit as needed.

  1. Last HOPE presence. Mitch is running a workshop. We will be putting together stickers. Andy will talk to Jakprints about stickers (2000, vinyl, with current logo) and possibly a banner. Everyone, please send pictures of your projects to Mitch or put them up here on the Wiki; a slide show of Noisebridge projects may end up as part of the Target Practice TV for the TV-B-Gone!
  2. We looked at more spaces on Craigslist. Matt P. had called a landlord but the place was rented. Rachel M. had noted several places for rent on her way over. David M will put together a "Calling Landlords" page on the wiki with a helpful script to aid in summoning your inner extrovert. We discussed holding next week's meeting as a "look at spaces" meeting. In the meantime, everyone feel free to schedule a viewing of a space on your own. Don't wait to sync up with other people on a first look, just go and check things out!
  3. Our hosting goes away in September; the company we work with decided to get out of business in SF. Jake is leaving for a month and a half soon, so we need to migrate now-ish. We discussed buying a cheap ($300) 1U server and installing Xen. Jake will be looking into this. If we go this route we'll have a "Install Xen and Migrate" party sometime next week. One issue: it is not at all clear from looking at a server whether the CPU supports the virtualization extensions needed to make Xen work w/o kernel modifications.
  4. Some update on credit union bank terms from Andy: the terms are reasonable, but the signers must be from the service area of the credit union. In the case of Andy's credit union, that area does not include Alameda County. This would be a problem for Alameda residents, like David M and Jake. We discussed other credit unions, like the SF Firefighter's Credit Union and Patelco, who would be more inclusive (but we need to figure out their rates and terms). David M. also pointed out Wells Fargo has a non-profit account with only a $100 minimum balance (and some interesting online banking stuff), but of course it isn't a credit union.
  5. Carol is traveling and hasn't gotten full comments back yet. Her initial comments:
    1. Recommending against members due to complications.
    2. Recommending not to have an explicit mission statement in bylaws; adopt it later.