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[[Category:Meeting Notes]]
== Time and Place ==
8pm, place:  Noisebridge, [http://maps.google.com/?q=83C+Wiese+St.,+San+Francisco,+CA,+94103 83C Wiese St.] near 16th St. & Mission St., San Francisco
== Agenda ==
== Agenda ==
# Cleaning from 3pm onwards. Bring [[CleaningSupplies]].
# Cleaning from 3pm onwards. Bring [[CleaningSupplies] | Cleaning Supplies !]
# Please bring a chair.
# Check out the new space!
# Financial report from the Treasurer.
# Make a list of stuff we want for the space.
# Fill out insurance app, see http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~dmolnar/insurance-questionnaire-bonafide.pdf
'' Cleaning from 3pm onwards.''
We cleaned the hell out of this place. Thanks to everyone who brought supplies and/or muscle!
'' Please bring a chair.''
We chose to stand, thanks.
'' Check out the new space!''
Verdict: awesome!
'' Financial report from the Treasurer.''
There were numbers. I think they were roughly what's on [[Finances]].
'' Make a list of stuff we want for the space.''
"It's on the wiki."
''Fill out insurance app''
See Below.
[[DavidMolnar|David]] took notes, which are far more comprehensive than what I wrote above. I ([[User:Mediapathic|steen]]), paste them here, with an attempt at formatting. Any transcription errors are probably mine.
1) Buildout Team
* Andy is leading a team of people to build out the space. Please contact him / update the wiki / just show up to join the team!
Everybody welcome!
* The team will procure furniture, make shelves, lay out stuff, etc.
* Work will start in the afternoons, continue into evenings, so even if you have a job there will be opportunities to help.
* More cleaning to come as well, including power washer for street
* There is a wiki page with a list of stuff we want for the space. Edit!
* Bill Pollock has contact at Bear Stearns liquidators. Andy will contact Bill with list of stuff taken from wiki tomorrow (Wednesday 1 October) morning. Please add stuff to the wiki before then!
2) Keys, Doors, and Locks.
* Currently each board member has a key to the space
* For now, everyone gets keys who wants 'em. Stop by the space during buildout and have a current key holder help you duplicate the key.
''[[User:rachel|rachel]] adds: I, as an individual who signed the lease and am therefore personally responsible, am rescinding this offer until we are a proper corporation and can have the responsibility spread out appropriately.''
* Asheesh will donate a prepaid TMobile phone to the space to act as office phone -- call ahead to see if people in the space!
** Number goes on Wiki
** Eventually also have web cam? Metasense?
* Add calendar to MediaWiki to schedule key holder presence
* Everyone leaves when last key holder leaves - impossible to turn deadbolt without key.
* Neighborhood has drug issues, be careful with valuables, parking car outside, etc. Always make sure the space is locked+closed if last one leaving!
* Jake and David M. are leading the Lock Team to replace keys with some kind of keycard system, most likely das labor's AnonAccess system.
Please e-mail David M. if you are up for this, even if you have already  told him about it or raised your hand at the meeting. (Notes say Asheesh, Audrey, Jake, Steen, David M., sure I missed someone.)
* We need to look at adding grates to the front window above the door.
* We also need a stronger door.
3) Donations and Loans
* Lots of discussion about how to handle donations to the space
* Rough consensus: Donations to Noisebridge --> no strings attached
** No "loan it to the space for now, take it back later"
** Have right to throw stuff away if needed
** Want to avoid people feeling upset when "their" communal thing breaks, when can't re-take control of item, when item not used
** Strings not worth it; someone else will donate unencumbered
* Does _not_ apply to personal projects!
** Will work out labeling system for your own stuff
** Everyone needs to be responsible about project stuff
** "Be responsible to those who are responsible"
* Does not apply to things loaned for a specific project and then returned, e.g. tarps and brushes for painting.
* Noisebridge will make good faith effort to do the right thing with donated stuff, not break it, take it to good home when no longer useful,  contact original donor if asked, etc.
** Put a contact on it if you want, but best effort only
* Once we are a 501c3, things donated for tax deduction can not be given away to individuals or for-profit entities
** We will work out a way to keep track of this status
* Recognize that stuff breaks
* Recognize that space will be robbed
* Members are all reasonable people, deal with this more when concrete
* For items with consumables, may work out special deals
** Example: NYC Resistor lazzzzzzer committee, $0.50 vs $1/hr
* We need to be sensitive to gray areas, too
* Members can make individual agreements to loan stuff to each other
4) Concessions
* Beverages will be in the space, possibly food
** Sol Mate, Club Mate, etc.
** Concession implementation team TBD later
* No vending machine
* Honor system, both for pay and for fridge
* Some discussion that honor system does or does not work
** Did not work in Greg's experience
** Does work for CBase (1000s of euro/month!)
* We will try for 3 months, see what happens
5) Official Communications
* Not everyone reads IRC, it's not logged by us
* We need a way to announce things to members
** Legal requirement, also good idea
* Adding two new mailing lists
** noisebridge-members - all members must be subbed, closed
** noisebridge-board - board members, publically archived
** both follow up to noisebridge-discuss
* If you hate mailing lists, we can work something out
** RSS/atom feed?
** Better client?
6) Soldering Workshop
* Mitch is holding a soldering workshop, time TBD
* We need chairs + benches, we have soldering irons
7) T-shirts
* Mitch gave away hackerspace t-shirts. Much rejoicing.
8) Treasurer's Report
* Mitch reported on finances
* Cash inflow of $11.8K pledges + checks + cash to date
* Currently about $3861 left after expenses
* $400 donated tonight
9) Membership Fees
* Start thinking about what you can afford
* Currently looks like $60/person for 50 people
** This is flexible for starving artists, rich tech people
* Will discuss at future meeting
10) Art Sale
* Proposal for an art gallery and art sale
* See mailing list for further discussion
11) Keep The Bathroom Clean
* Cleaning up after other people in the bathroom is terrible
* Please be considerate of your fellow members
12) Maid Service
* Andy suggested obtaining maid service for bathroom + kitchen
* Mitch knows person who does green cleaning for $80/month
13) Interpretive Arson/Art Heavy Industries (IA/AHI)
* The Dance Dance Immolation and 2\piR people
* Recently suffered setback due to fire at previous space, NIMBY
* Several IA/AHI members interested in doing work related to IA/AHI at the Noisebridge space
* Several current Noisebridge people involved with IA/AHI
* General agreement that a formal partnership does not make sense
* General agreement that we are really happy to have people from IA/AHI join as  plain old Noisebridge members and work on IA/AHI projects.
* No need for every project to be branded as Noisebridge!
14) Space Modifications
* We can paint the interior walls
* We can not modify windows, load bearing walls w/o landlord OK
* Permanent changes to outside, like mural or stainless steel welded-to-the-side-of-the-building logo, also require landlord OK
* We have the most chill landlord ever, however, so OK likely.
15) Neighbors
* On one side, experimental noise performer (who speaks German).
** "Will it bother you if I make music at night"? NO, NO IT WON'T
* Never met upstairs neighors
** Windows tightly closed
* Across the street people complained once a while back, no problem
''[[User:Mediapathic|Steen]] adds: When we were standing around outside at about 11:30 talking loudly, the neighbor across the street yelled out the window at us. I propose that we can minimize this by we smokers walking down to the end of the block when it's late so no one congregates out front. Filthy smokers need the exercise anyway.''
16) Tomorrow's Buildout
* Andy will be around from roughly 2pm-6pm
* Come by and help build Noisebridge!

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