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Time and Place

8pm, place: Noisebridge, 83C Wiese St. near 16th St. & Mission St., San Francisco


  • membership committee formation
  • Using Noisebridge's corporate status to acquire equipment/supplies
    • Many useful and non-dangerous supplies must be ordered in the name of a corporation (or academic organisation). As Noisebridge is now a corporation, this opens a lot of doors for members to do experiments and other work that might otherwise be very difficult without the ability to acquire this sort of stuff. However, many other supplies which are useful *are* dangerous, are on government watch lists, or are otherwise a bad idea. Should we make it possible for members to order restricted-to-corporations supplies through Noisebridge? If so, what sort of process should we develop to protect the membership? Mlp 02:57, 9 October 2008 (PDT)
  • Chairs, stools, power tools - we need them
  • Napping pods - Reed and Rubin
  • Workshops update - what do we need before we can hold? chairs, earthquake straps, what else?
  • Insurance update - David Molnar
  • Keycard update - David Molnar
  • Halloween party! We should have one and stuff.
  • Membership dues
  • Pumpkin carving & hardware hacking weekend before Halloween
  • gift from NYC Resistor
  • after meeting - shelving placement


Note-taker: David Molnar

1) Membership Team Formation - Rachel is starting a Membership Committee/Team - The group will work out privileges, requirements, etc. of membership, then come back with a proposal for everyone. - Wiki page for group, please add yourself - In person meetings - Would be good if it were more than just Rachel, David, Andy, Shannon, or other "usual suspects"... - Code of conduct? - Waivers for liability? - Consensus: Rachel will lead Committee/Team/Group, everyone who wants to help sign up on the wiki.

2) Noisebridge policy on ordering stuff in corporate name - Deferred to next week since Meredith was not present, no one else wanted to tackle it.

3) Chairs, Stools, Power Tools - Bring chairs, stools for the shop, and power tools! - Steel folding chairs best, due to limited space - Steen will put out feelers for stools from bars that go under - Valencia and 18th community thrift has chairs - Metal chairs at Home Depot, Lowes, OfficeMax, CostCo - Padded $20, unpadded $15 - Padded better for those with bony rears - Don't spend money on chairs that don't match - Buy chairs with noisebridge money? - Figure out number of chairs we need - 20? - Want folding chairs specifically due to space - what is burn rate? - we can afford to buy chairs - some feeling if we can afford it, do it - some feeling we can get enough w/o buying - Workshops coming up - Mitch soldering workshop - Delay? - Don't need chairs tomorrow - but need them soon - Chair fund on the spot? - Use noisebridge money instead? - Plan for space: banquet tables + chairs - slightly modified, due to shelves, other things - Consensus: everyone look for chairs by next week, re-evaluate this topic at next week's meeting.

4) Napping Pods - Rubin proposed installing napping pods in upstairs alcove - We are zoned commercial, no overnight stays - Plan to fit 3-6 people - Foam plus wood plus small futon mattress - Could we use hammocks instead? - Enki reported that police came by at 4am due to noise from neighbors, so be aware of zoning issues if that happens - Neighbor across the street highly vocal about noise - Would not talk to Mitch for introduction - May call police on us again - Using the space this way is a big decision, don't make in a single meeting - More details needed on how much space used exactly before we decide for sure? - Consensus: we discuss this again at the next meeting.

5) Workshops - Mitch is holding a soldering workshop - Needs soldering irons, wire cutters, wire strippers, chairs, benches, lighting - All hail Jim for the amazing job he has done with electricity in the shop! Comes in at all hours, dedicated to the space. - Audrey will hold a photo workshop - Needs darkroom equipment, development tanks - Shannon will hold workshops on how to use power tools - Need power tools! - Meredith will hold chem lab workshop - Andy will hold PCB design workshop - Mikael wants to imbibe Americana by holding a pumpkin carving workshop - Combine with Mitch's soldering? - Saturday or Sunday prior to Halloween - See wiki for organizing details - Post upcoming workshops or ideas for workshops to wiki - Consensus: Workshops will happen and they will be cool.

6) Insurance update - We have a directors&officers quote from the Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of California - $863 for 1 year, $1MM coverage, $1000 deductible - That's $75/month - We want directors&officers b/c of what happened to Alameda County Computer Resource Center - We have general liability quotes on the way from NIAC, from MIF insurance, and D&O from MIF insurance - Updates will go to as it happens

7) Lock update - AnonAccess is not as mature as we'd hoped, but Thomas is working on it - We can contribute mature design back to the world - Do we need to install something now? Everyone has keys. Why not just wait until we get AnonAccess working? - David and Lock Team will still look for competitive quotes just out of principle - DESFire cards from SALTO (used by nah6) - talk to Lock World - If you want to help with lock stuff, e-mail David Molnar

8) Halloween Festivities - "Woo Hoo" - Not all night loud music party - if a problem, shut it down? - Open House, not a party - Show off awesome projects - also give out candy? - Greg volunteered to lead Open House Team - Please sign up on wiki - Consensus: we will have an Open House and it will be awesome.

9) Membership dues for October - We have rent + utilities + reimbursements - Please pay your dues to Mitch - $80 baseline, $40 starving hacker - Numbers chosen based on 55 members, trying to get 2x rent each month, could change based on burn rate - PayPal is OK, though costs us some - talk to Mitch for suggestions - We have a bank account - Make cheques to "Noisebridge" - Can set up automatic bill pay - Drink sales brought in $80 so far Consensus: we will pay dues to Mitch.

10) Safety Committee Announcement - We have a safety committee. Meeting Thursday 16 October 20:00 - Rubin is not on the Safety Committee

11) NYC Resistor Gift - NYC Resistor laser-cut us an excellent logo! - Thank you, NYC Resistor! - What do we give NYC Resistor? Shelving?

12) Juke Box - Please help make the Juke Box better

13) Build Team Report - Move projects in now / soon - Many thanks to the Build Team - Andy wants to build a RepRap, see wiki

14) Canadian Elections - Liberals win, conservatives appointed - Why? Because she's the Queen!

15) Pick up trash on your way out - Lots of people, lots of trash