Meeting Notes 2008 10 14

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Time and Place

8pm, place: Noisebridge, 83C Wiese St. near 16th St. & Mission St., San Francisco


  • Using Noisebridge's corporate status to acquire equipment/supplies
    • Many useful and non-dangerous supplies must be ordered in the name of a corporation (or academic organisation). As Noisebridge is now a corporation, this opens a lot of doors for members to do experiments and other work that might otherwise be very difficult without the ability to acquire this sort of stuff. However, many other supplies which are useful *are* dangerous, are on government watch lists, or are otherwise a bad idea. Should we make it possible for members to order restricted-to-corporations supplies through Noisebridge? If so, what sort of process should we develop to protect the membership? Mlp 02:57, 9 October 2008 (PDT)
  • Napping pods - Reed and Rubin
  • Insurance update - David Molnar
  • Keycard update - David Molnar
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