Meeting Notes 2008 10 21

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  • Ordering things as "Noisebridge"
  • Chairs
  • Napping Pods
  • Kitchen and Foods
  • Halloween open house:
    • Volunteers for cleanup
    • Noisebridge funds available?
    • Projects to show off
    • Safety
    • RSVP by
  • Vomitorium

Meeting Notes

Recorded by Andy. Edited/wikified by David Molnar.

Attendees: jake, steen, rachel, michael, lloyd, mike, john, whitten, audrey, orion, al, blake, bill, david, shannon, matt, jof, brian, mike, j, meredith, john, rigel, mark kripto, steve juggles fire, christina, matt, scory, rubin, jeffrey, reed, qarly, gray, rich, one name missed

  • Ordering things as "Noisebridge"
    • meredith wants to order things that can only be ordered by corps, wants to do this as Noisebridge, wants to know if we can do it.
    • mik mentions the previous discussion, liability issues (zipcar). "orders pathogenic bacteria as noisebridge and spreads them in the water supply".
    • jake suggests that meredith is offering to be in charge of ordering chemicals/bios for the group and will keep the list appraised.
    • Rigel suggests issue of naming, "Noisebridge Research"; we note that we're incorporated as "Noisebridge". Merideth says "Noisebridge, Synthetic Chemistry Division".
    • Soil chemistry issues, pathogens, == peanut allergy. Issues of getting raided by $TLA. What ingredients to worry about, etc. "Bombmaking materials" list, but it includes things like "pipes" and "wires".
    • Meredith points out not ordering reagents, etc until we have cabinets to store it safely.
    • Jake points out the costs shouldn't accrue to Noisebridge, no service contracts.
    • Consensus is deferred to next meeting.
    • multiple people identified rigel's ringtone as being a 9600baud negotiation rather than 2400baud.
  • Agenda Item: napping pods.
    • proposal is to build a set of napping pods in the front of the upstairs closets. three levels (two shelves), with padding.
    • slee notes that he is going to be in at 8am and working, do we need any

respect for sleeping people. steen mentions people who have been sleeping here sleep very soundly. Jake suggests being nice to people.

    • Consensus is people who are sleeping here shouldn't be
  • Agenda Item: food things.
    • Mik mentions having cooked food, wants people to keep food utinsels able to continue to cook food. The issue is to keep chemicals separate from food things. Jake suggests we need to keep Hacker Kosher -- separate utinsels, don't mix chemistry and cooking.
    • Rubin wants to donate stuff (bike tools) and have ownership of specific areas. He wants people to notify him if they break, lose, steal a tool. Jake retorts that that's a string being attached to a donation, ergo disliked.
  • Agenda Item: Halloween Open House.
    • Mik is asking for cleanup team to help out on the 1st.
    • Reports that the team has all kinds of awesome for the party. (oops, "party"?) Wants to know what they can do for funding for stuff for party, Noisebridge money or donations or out of pocket. Questions of how much they can plan to spend, response "super awesome, medium awesome, minimum awesome". Mik wants to know how much we're willing put out. General feedback is that the team needs to provide specifics at next week's meeting and members will decide at that point.
    • Rubin is suggesting that we bring in projects and art to decorate the halloween open house. Also suggests a DJ, rearranging the space, closing and locking the shop. Suggests people should take stuff home if concerned about it disappearing or getting broken. Issues of looking for crash space and/or getting rides.
    • Mik wants to deal with RSVPs, it's "noisebridge affiliates" +1.
    • Donations to Christina to pay for party supplies.
  • Agenda Item: vomitorium.
    • No notes here.
  • Agenda Item: Membership Commmittee report.
    • Many things discussed, not much to report, except for the code of conduct -- "Be Excellent To Each Other".
    • Membership requests, two people raised their hands, dunno who they were. Please talk to Mitch, pay dues.