Meeting Notes 2008 10 21

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  • Ordering things as "Noisebridge"
  • Chairs
  • Napping Pods
  • Kitchen and Foods
  • Halloween open house:
    • Volunteers for cleanup
    • Noisebridge funds available?
    • Projects to show off
    • Safety
    • RSVP by
  • Vomitorium

Meeting Notes

Recorded by Andy. Edited/wikified by David Molnar.

Attendees: jake, steen, rachel, michael, lloyd, mike, john, whitten, audrey, orion, al, blake, bill, david, shannon, matt, jof, brian, mike, j, meredith, john, rigel, mark kripto, steve juggles fire, christina, matt, scory, rubin, jeffrey, reed, qarly, gray, rich, one name missed