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* Shall we put NYC Resistor sign on front of building, assuming landlord OKs it
* Shall we put NYC Resistor sign on front of building, assuming landlord OKs it
* Proposed membership process
* Discussion about the membership
== Notes ==
== Notes ==
Meeting Notes 28 10 2008
1) Halloween
* We are having an Open House on Halloween
* Show off projects - ask us now about how to show your project
* Snacks + drinks provided
* Friday 7pm-11pm
* Costume contest, make your own theme. Judges are the Peoples Party
Planning Committee
* Shopping trip Thursday afternoon
* No secure locked facility - take your stuff home!
2) Napping Pods
* Explained the idea
* Hammocks instead? (again)
* Consensus: keep talking and working out details
3) Shopping Suggestions
* New chairs, courtesy Seth
* Still want folding chairs
* Shop Vac - please bring one
* In the meantime, broom and dustbin in bathroom - please keep shop clean!
4) Theft insurance
* Central station alarm requires police inspection
* Alarm means if pulled police will enter the space
* What about false alarms?
* General update on insurance status for general liability and D&O: we
have qotes, waiting for one more, one conditioned on us getting in the
501c3 application
* Consensus: David M. will make a decision on insurance once we have
quotes, there was one reservation asking for thee quotes but did not block.
5) Twitter
* We have a twitter account
* Should noisebridge twitter follow everyone?
* Run like Planet - have it opt-in
* If you want to be followed, ask Steen
6) Treasurer Announcements
* CCC model, hacker space patterns
* Treasurer must be hardass - Mitch isn't but he can act
* Dues are important!
* Burn rate includes rent, insurance, utilities
* October so far 23 people paid dues
* There are > 23 keys
* Tell Mitch exactly what you want - if you want some donations to go
towards dues say so explicitly
* Two membership rates: $80, $40 "starving hacker"
* Up to you, no questions asked
* Just Jewish Mom Guilt if you're cheap.
* "Can we pay with guilt?"
* Paypal noisebridge23@gmail.com
* Paypal costs 3.2% + 29cents
* Rates figured on 55 people paying
* Google checkout?
* Dues are not tax deductible even after we are 501c3
7) Discover Article?
* Annalee approached by Discover
* They are interested in science/tech outside traditional labs,
* Noisebridge is science/tech outside traditional bounds
* Article not yet for certain, long period of dancing around
* Good chance, however, that would happen
* What does this mean? Interview people
* Photographer to take pictures
* If uncomfortable, understand completely
* Not intended to be an "expose" piece!
* Timeframe: April-May or a little later, changes can go in up to
around 6 months in advance
* Andy: press is scary, lots of people involved
* Enki: Pres is good, helped metalab
* Annalee has experience with doing a piece on a commune, living there,
respecting wishes, interviewing under peoples' chosen names
* If looks like Discover wants something contrary to Noisebridge
interests, Annalee prepared to pull Noisebridge from article
* Jake: we all speak for Noisebridge as much as anyone else
* "Be excellent to each other"
* Annalee trusted, worked with people in past
* David M: happy Annalee interviewee
* Can have CCC style T-shirt "do not give consent to photograph"
* Can have preannouncement
* Issue: people who have problems will not raise them in public meeting?
* Not taking decision today
* Steen: we have to deal with media, trust Annalee
* Consensus: think about it, bring it up next week
8) Signs
* NYC Resistor made signs for us!
* Should we put on the door?
* Put it so no one can destroy it
* Consensus: put signs up
9) Balance
* We have a new precision balance from ACE Junkyard
* Donations to ACE
* ACE cool place, has power tool drag races
10) Membership Process
* Propose now, come prepared to decide next week
* Form on wiki
* To join, fill out top 3rd, put in applicant binder
* Standing agenda item "Read applicant binder", "Joe, Mary applying"
* Find two people to sponsor
* If have problem, try to resolve problem
* If can't, raise objection at meeting.
* Name, contact - law says we need it
* Why: we have to contact you about meetings and votes
* We don't require ID
* Suggested amendment: have person say everything is true
* Have a nicer logo on the form?
* Waiver of liability as part of the form?
* Non-members here too - separate waivers needed
* Drill press as example of possibly dangerous thing
* NIMBY have waivers?
* Approve or disapprove process at next meeting
* Waivers will be agreed separately - safety committee will discuss -
it's important
11) Host Dorkbot in mid-November?
* Dorkbot: strange things with Electricity!
* Hosted by Marcella
* See dorkbot.org
* Donations at door go to Noisebridge
* Talks TBD, noisebridge projects could be involved
* Time out to discuss orbswarm.com, working on six autonomous spherical
orb robots that do cool things
* Dorkbot potential dates: 12th or 19th ?
* Are we big enough? Yes, dorkbot is limited size but offers webcasts
* Consensus: talk about it, bring it up again next week

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