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** Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
** Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
** Natural Language Corners
** Natural Language Corners
* Quinn wants to know what the situation is with DIY bio at NB
* Interest in a baking class?
* Ada just turned six. Let's violate copyright on the public performance of Happy Birthday!
* Plants
* Treasurer's report
* Treasurer's report
* Drinks and Drink money
* Drinks and Drink money
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* Cleaning service and the space (if Molly is around)
* Cleaning service and the space (if Molly is around)
* Project Reports
* Project Reports
* Quinn wants to know what the situation is with DIY bio at NB
* Interest in a baking class?
* Ada just turned six. Let's violate copyright on the public performance of Happy Birthday!
** Darkroom
** Darkroom
* Upcoming events
* Upcoming events
** Five Minutes of Fame
** Five Minutes of Fame
* infrastructure: leak in shop
* read membership folder names
* read membership folder names
* Electronics donation
== Notes ==
There is one point where a consensus decision is needed, about reimbursing Mitch for the stickers he bought.  It's about a third or a quarter of the way down.
There is also a discussion of the cleaning service & options, no decision proposed as yet.
Darkroom is stuck on the issue of ventilation & requests help.
Shop blower is installed but ducting still needed.
Maker Faire upcoming, what if anything should NB do there.
Steen ran the meeting.
* everyone said their names only, just one new person
* Steen: Noisebridge is an awesome space for doing things.  Be Excellent To Each Other.
* Regular Happenings
** Circuit Hacking Mondays.  Mitch: I teach soldering to anyone, you can do this.  There are kits from me & Andy.  You can work on your own project too.  Kits are sold at cost, instruction is free.
** Pyclass.  Asheesh not here to talk about it.  Monday evenings
** Machine Learning.  Josh not here to talk about it.  Wednesday evenings, newbies welcome
** Natural Language Corners.
*** Mandarin Corner, Fridays at 5
*** Spanish happened once
*** German may happen on Thursdays
* DIY Bio - what's the status?
** There was one meeting here which went well
** Mike: last Sat they met at a cafe in the Haight.  They plan to do some delving into non-food-safe substances and won't do that here; there are objections to it in our kitchen.  First one used off-the-shelf consumer items.  Due to some of the members' travel issues, they may move the meeting elsewhere.
* Interest for a baking class?  Some hands up.
* Plants.  Quinn not here 2/3 of the time; willing to organize plant waterers but needs volunteers to do the actual watering.  Plant committee meeting after regular meeting.
* Happy Birthday was sung to Ada, now 6, to her utter embarassment
* Treasurer's report.
** PAY YOUR DUES!!! There are still 10 members who have not paid their February dues, and 2 who have not paid January.  If you don't pay dues for 3 months you are NO LONGER IN GOOD STANDING and Mitch will write you a friendly email about it.
** There are 51 members; to keep a 3 month buffer in the bank, we need 55
** Steen: possibility of expanding into one of the neighboring spaces if they come open, but we can't afford it
** We have $7k in the bank so we aren't dead, but that's only 2 months
** March dues are now due also, as it is March
** Steen: who does the actual bill paying? Answer: Mitch, the treasurer
* Drinks & drink money
** Christie: Ani & I got drinks on Friday, we're re-stocked.  There was not enough money in the drinks jar to cover it.  Are people not paying?  Don't forget to pay.
** Drink money goes in the cabinet above the fridge.
** There is also a donation box on the shelf across from the door. Mitch checks this weekly and removes all but about $50 to deposit.
* T-shirts.  Mitch got Noisebridge T-shirts; he paid about $9 each and is selling them for $12.  The difference goes to Noisebridge.  Thanks Mitch!
* Stickers.  Mitch got more NB stickers so he could take them to Maker Faire in England.  Would like to be reimbursed the $272 he spent.  Some discussion of doing this out of order; i.e. get approval first.  Mitch had no time to do that and is willing to not be reimbursed if we decide not to do so.  "If you buy something expecting to be reimbursed, and NB reimburses you, great; if NB decides not to reimburse you, you're out that money."  Needs decision, next week at the *earliest* as it only got brought up today.  General feeling is that people are OK with reimbursing Mitch in this instance but no precedent is to be set.
* Cleaning service.  Rubin: He & Molly were discussing cleaning.  Gina, our current cleaner, is hard to listen to and "outrageously thorough". Has been documenting Green Cleaning on us.  Molly (not here, Rubin says) interested in taking over the cleaning in exchange for dues.
** Had the discussion about work exchange a while ago
** Andy: previous consensus: we don't want to do "that sort of thing"\
** Rachel: Gina is hard to listen to but I love that she does a really good job; it's easy enough to not be here when she is
** (someone): Hire Molly instead of doing an exchange for membership
** Quinn: consider, when thinking of hiring a member for anything, that firing a member then becomes a possibility & potential problem
** Rubin: will tell Molly to talk to the board and come up with a specific proposal, then present it to the membership at a future meeting
* Project reports.
** Darkroom.
*** Audrey: darkroom has lightseal.  Equipment all functional (yay!). Still needs shelves that fit (the metal ones don't) and proper ventilation.  She is blocked on ventilation, not sure how to proceed.
*** Steen: also blocked on ventilation
*** Mike: knows about ventilation
** Reprap.
*** Shannon L: progress has been made.  Something done wrong, needs to be redone.  Repstrap.  Chicken, not egg.  Darwin.  Mendel.  I got a little lost here, talk to Shannon or Andy for details.
** Shop blower.
*** Mike: blower is installed above the drinks shelf.  Duct not yet connected; he has done his share on this project, someone else needed to install ducting.
*** It can be plugged in and will blow, but just to kitchen, so don't
** LED sign.  Nils: some parts are on order.
* Hackerspace conference call.  Mitch was on this a couple days ago, mentioned our Be Excellent rule.  Was asked, is there a sign?  No. Should be.  Chris (Mitch acquaintance) wants to do an EL wire sign.  Nils, Steve interested, will form committee.
* Upcoming events.
** 5 Minutes of Fame.  10 people give 5 min talks about something 'interesting'.  total time about an hour.  Last one was a couple weeks ago, was cool.  Next one upcoming in another couple weeks, check the wiki.
** Maker Faire in May.  Should Noisebridge have a presence there? What?  Table & banner at least...
* Leak in shop.  There is water all along the side wall.  I see Rubin has emailed around this already.  Andy will call Ahuva (the landlord) who told us about the leak before we moved in.  Hopefully she'll get it fixed.
* Reading of names.  These people are prospective members:
** Matthew Borgatti
** Jean Rintoul
** G Carter Stokum
** Larry Rizzoli (sp?)
** Eric Boyd
** Jessica Richman
** David Kelso
** Martin Bogomolni (corrected -M.B.)
** Crutcher Donovan
** Erin
** Theo
** Devin Sean McCullum (sp?)
** David Stainton
** Ryan Snow
** Paul Bohm (enki)
** Jeff Schmitt
* A Noisebridge Friend, David Gonzalez, last night donated a number of excellent items to us:
** ~900 IR sensor boards
** Oscilloscope
** Signal generator
** Power supply
** lots of passive components in drawers
** 74xx series ICs
Big thanks to David!

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