Meeting Notes 2009 03 10

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Agenda Items

  • What Noisebridge is about.
  • Regular Happenings
    • Circuit Hacking Mondays (8PM, 83c)
    • Pyclass (Monday at 6:30PM, 83c)
    • Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
    • Natural Language Corners
  • Treasurer's report
  • Upcoming events
    • Five Minutes of Fame
  • leak in shop: update?
  • Gosh a bigger space squee! Shall we have a concerted membership drive? When, how?
  • Maker Faire is coming up. What if anything should NB do? (May relate to the prev item)
  • From last week: shall we reimburse Mitch for stickers?
  • read membership folder names
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