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Agenda Items

  • What Noisebridge is about.
  • Regular Happenings
    • Circuit Hacking Mondays (8PM, 83c)
    • Pyclass (Monday at 6:30PM, 83c)
    • Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
    • Natural Language Corners
    • Sense Extension/Sensebridge/Cyborgism Group (Sundays)
  • There's a PA system here; are people interested in keeping it here as a loaner item?
  • Noisebridge Buttons
  • Consensus decision on going to Maker Faire as an official Noisebridge entity
  • Upcoming events
    • Five Minutes of Fame at 8pm this Thursday 3/17/09
  • read membership folder names
  • Thin Mints

Actual Notes

Meeting start at 823pm 3/17/09 (NEXT TIME REMEMBER TO RUN A QUICK NAME INTRODUCTIONS ROUND) * What Noisebridge is about. Josh M. Facilitating R. Miloh A. Notetaking Noisebridge is about excellance.. The new visual aid is noted and wonder "our ethos is to be excellant" --Josh M.

Regular Happenings

  • Circuit Hacking Mondays (8PM, 83c)

Josh introduces Circuit Hacking Mondays, led my Mitch A.

  • Pyclass (Monday at 6:30PM, 83c)

Josh introduces, adds class will restart after first session Members can join at any time in this class process though!

  • Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)

Josh introduces, this week ML lab continues with the extension of Perceptron Perceptron in Lisp Python Mathematica and maybe ActionScript (insert Web page link: http://)

  • Natural Language Corners

Mandarin Corner Molly introduces the mandarin culture corner at 5pm German interest is still being generated Spanish interest is still being generated ASL is brought up as a possability by Molly Hindi Toki Pona Latin Portuguese all mentioned! Make your own class

Thursday Class is brought up by Mike Kan, an open science class discussing engineering, design and rough science projects.

Cyborg Class on Sundays 11AM Todd A.'s compass hat is brought up and described by Rachel. Senses changed by adding extra senses and improving senses wE were excitable --miloh

Template for Meeting Notes may be made up by rachel (? ask?)

* There's a PA system here; are people interested in keeping it here as a loaner item? Rachel -- Thinks it a fine idea. We should check that it is a actual donation to Noisebridge. No guarantees. Although stuff "Opens door to a lending library of things" Steen -- lots of things are useful for different folks, there is a fine line when things are taken out of the space, for any reason. Josh -- desire to keep the library as a purely REference Library Christie -- 2 books are missing from the library Micheal -- brought books back and borrowed them.. Josh -- Multiple copies are fine to remove borrow for temporary times, "its odd to have someone walk off with a shared resource" Steen -- barcode/qcat isbn/ database would be fun to build

Mike K. -- the PA is large and shows a trend towards accepting many things that may push us or our use of the space out of it.

Steen -- ensure these things are true permanent donations

Rachel keeping on

steen -Wire spooler might need to go away josh -- wire spooler has been useful on several occasions -- Cat5 runs

Steen -- Could put mail to the list for a lending library for smaller objects or nonphysical objects and the logistics

Lending Library to be dicussed on the following week week


*Noisebridge Buttons Steen: Trista has Noisebridge buttons from Etsy! She is selling them for $1 a piece to support Noisebridge. Find Steen to support Noisebridge by buying buttons.

* Consensus decision on going to Maker Faire as an official Noisebridge entity No opposition in the meeting to going to the maker faire Rachel -- 1> by the end of the month have a proposal to submit 2> afaik there is no requirements for payment 3> the maker area will be used, some # of passes will be available 4> 5 people swapped passes last year 5> NANA would appreciate RIDESHARE easy to get there from Train if you can walk a DISTANCE.. 6> Miloh asks: What do we want to TAKE there? Personal Projects or Collaborations? No problems voiced with any of these ideas of things to bring. 7> tables and chairs will be necessary. 8> Consensus is Reiterated... Maker FAIR CONSENSUS REACHED

* Upcoming events

  • Five Minutes of Fame

JOSH announces 5OF is coming up this THURSDAY 3/19 The Agenda link is live on the wiki, and on the discuss-list NANA -- desires MOnkey to be on the FOF this thurday, asks IS HE ON THE LIST? JOSH - - WE should follow up on that... Monkey is not on this list MIKE K. will have a table set up with projects

NANA - Went to the Stacey's bookstore Funeral this week, still has her book of LOGARITHMS Christie has her mothers CRC Josh uses his a PRESS

* read membership folder names Josh Introduces the Binder Process for Membership.

People interested in becoming members can fill out a member sheet, (anonymous ok,) hang out, get members to sign off (2 members min.), and after attending 4 meetings can become Members..

Reading Member SLIPS from The Folder:

(NP'S are AFAIK from people speaking) (Names are all [sic] from hearing them being read.) John waters Jonathan moore (Present) San Mehat (NP) Daniel Packer (NP) Ceren (Present) Jason Spense (NP) Ryan Carter (not present) Matthew Borgati (NP) Jean Rintoul (NP) G Carter StokEm' (NP) Larry Fisoli (NP) Eric Boyd (NP) Jessica Richmon (NP) David Kelso (NP) Marti(y)n Borgandi (NP) Crutcher Donovan Eron L [sic] Devon Shaun McAlly Ryan Snow Paul Boehm aka Enki(NP) Jeff Schmidt Present

Members UP

Theo Was here on Friday nights

Erin Josh notes she helped with his CharliePlexing Project.

Josh asks are there any objections?

Steen Nana Josh and others discuss.. ANY OBJECTIONS OR CONCERNS?

interesting and have been present and they need to get to know them better. Nana reserves that members at Noisebridge should get more introductions to new folks



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