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= Agenda Items =
= Agenda Items =
== Announcements ==
= Announcements =
* What Noisebridge is about.
* What Noisebridge is about.
* The Names
= Discussion topics =
* Treasurer's report
* Have an art project you wanna show off? The Robogames Art Exhibition wants you!
* Five Minutes of Fame this Thursday April 16th, 8PM!
=== Project Updates ===
* [[Big LED Screen]]
* [[Light bar]]
* [[RepRap]]
=== What's Going On at Noisebridge ===
* [[Circuit_Hacking_Mondays|Circuit Hacking Mondays]] (8PM, 83c)
* Pyclass (Monday at 6:30PM, 83c)
* [[Machine Learning]] Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
* Science/Engineering Huddle (8PM Thursdays, 83c)
* Natural Language Corners
* Sense Extension/Sensebridge/Cyborgism Group (Sundays)
* [[OpenEEG]]
* DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge
* Potential [http://wiki.openamd.org/Main_Page OpenAMD] deployment
* Cyborg
* Go on Sunday 3pm
== Consensus Items ==
=== Membership Committee Recommendations ===
* <b>Hiatus</b>: members may take hiatus for any reason so long as they arrange it with the Treasurer.
* <b>Removal</b>: Members may be removed for non-payment after three months of non-responsiveness.
* <b>Membership</b>:  The process should be described as a process to get to the goal of having good members, not as the only way; this explaination should happen regularly (when we do the binder?).
== Membership Binder ==
== Discussion topics ==
* [[Fund allocations]] for selling drinks and other activities
* [[Fund allocations]] for selling drinks and other activities
* Purchasing additional NB stickers (MakerFaire, ToorCamp, etc., library cataloging project)
* anybody got a truck they are willing to drive for us to get free great furniture? -Steve
=== Membership Committee Discussion ===
* <b>License to Interject</b>: We should host a class on how to handle social groups and situations effectively.
* <b>Timeouts</b>: members may be given a "time out" on a week-by-week basis, as the result of consensus-minus-one at a Tuesday meeting.  While on "time out" a member may not use the space and his/her pic/info is on the "wall of shame" on the inside of the door.
= Notes =
[[Category:Meeting Notes]]

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