Meeting Notes 2009 04 14

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Agenda Items


  • What Noisebridge is about.
  • Treasurer's report

Project Updates

Consensus Items

Membership Committee Recommendations

  • Hiatus: members may take hiatus for any reason so long as they arrange it with the Treasurer.
  • Timeouts: members may be given a "time out" on a week-by-week basis, as the result of consensus-minus-one at a Tuesday meeting. While on "time out" a member may not use the space and his/her pic/info is on the "wall of shame" on the inside of the door.
  • Removal: Members may be removed for non-payment after three months of non-responsiveness.
  • Membership: The process should be described as a process to get to the goal of having good members, not as the only way; this explaination should happen regularly (when we do the binder?).

Membership Binder

Discussion topics