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(What's Going On at Noisebridge)
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* What Noisebridge [[Noisebridge_Vision|is about]].
* What Noisebridge [[Noisebridge_Vision|is about]].
* Treasurer's report
* Treasurer's report
* Moment of silence for [ fravia+]
=== Project Updates ===
=== Project Updates ===

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Agenda Items


  • What Noisebridge is about.
  • Treasurer's report
  • Moment of silence for fravia+

Project Updates

What's Going On at Noisebridge

  • Circuit Hacking Mondays (8PM, 83c)
  • Machine Learning Wednesdays (8PM, 83c)
  • Science/Engineering Huddle (8PM Thursdays, 83c)
  • Natural Language Corners
    • German starting next week, Thursdays 6PM 83c, beginning on time, advanced later.
  • Cyborg Group (Sundays)
  • OpenEEG
  • Five Minutes of Fame now accepting submissions for May
  • DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge
  • Go on Sunday 3pm

Consensus Items (Not up for debate, only approval)

Membership Binder

  • Reading Names
  • New member approvals

Discussion topics (Detail discussions will go to committee)

  • ToorCamp!
  • Relocating Noisebridge
  • General guidelines about non-members in the space


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