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* [[2009_New_Director|New Director]] needed
* [[2009_New_Director|New Director]] needed
* [[Lasers]] at Noisebridge Wed July 7, 7PM
* [[Lasers]] at Noisebridge Wed July 7, 7PM
* [[Noisedoor]] is online
=== Project Updates ===
=== Project Updates ===

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  • Moderator:

Agenda Items


Project Updates

What's Going On at Noisebridge

One short sentence about each of the following:

  • ToorCamp is next week, July 2nd though the 5th - rural Washington; many NB'ers and friends attending, plz to be joining!

Consensus Items

Membership Binder

  • Reading Names
  • New member approvals

Discussion topics

  • Shall we host an Arse Elektronika workshop? See Johannes's request here (Ready for consensus?)
  • New space - When should we grow, does the wiki list all of our requirements/wishes, should we collect money prior to signing a lease, etc


  • Add links to every agenda item up.
  • Volunteers to lead the next meeting?