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Moderator: TBD

Note-Taker: TBD

Agenda Items


Introduction and Names

What Noisebridge is about

Treasurer's Report

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process

What's Going On at Noisebridge

One short sentence about each of the following:

Project Updates

  • Moving is done!
  • Electrical at 2169
  • Internets at 2169

Scattered reports of intermittent problems with wireless access, mostly due to users tunneling traffic out for privacy reasons and not the APs. thinks that the DSL circuit is stable now, and what should be the last of the AP problems should be ironed out now.

  • Access control at 2169

The maglocks have been delivered and we know how to hook them up, but a part needs to be fabricated to install them due to a defect in the door frame downstairs. Talk to Shannon if you have a minute. Maglocks are in the DJ booth.

RFID card order cancelled pending the maglock problem being solved, and as a side effect this buys time to get images printed on the RFID cards. A limited number of key fob tokens are available now.

  • SCADA at 2169

Need help unjacking the laptops we'll be using. Contact Dr. Jesus.

The crackhead tester machine is over on the shelf and can be installed downstairs as soon as the maglock controller is installed.

  • The mountain of 83c at 2169

Consensus items

Noisebridge patches

mbt健康鞋 萬斯 (VANS) 2009春夏系列這一次還專門送出西瓜鞋,看起來就是一片西瓜。   

Membership Binder


Rubin: Welcome to Noisebridge, where every day is a noisebridge.

Yay for new space. And people who did stuff.

New people: ~3-5 Adam, Luke, Greg, Andy?? (liar)

One rule: Be excellent to each other. Gnarly. Yay the sign.

Mitch: We have $15k in bank. Good 'cause our expenses are ~$5k/mo, and we want 3 months in bank at all times.

However, we have more expenses.... soooooo we don't really have 3 months. And a bunch of people haven't paid dues for Aug (... or Sept, or all of 2009).

80% from dues, the rest from donations. If people don't pay dues, we can't pay rent... so please pay dues.

Mitch doesn't know how many people who pledged money for the move paid up yet. Will report next week.

Membership process: Hang out, get 2 people to sign, etc.

New ?rule: you have to jump through the portal on the door. (Or get someone to say you did.)

Membership book will live by the shrine. Near the coyote skull.

Consensus process... blah blah usual stuff.

Wiki editing party Friday. "The wiki's fucked up! Fix it! Friday!" (Or: "This is an opportunity to come together and make it cool again.")

Circuit hacking Mondays: Mitch has kits that make neat stuff. ML Sundays: moving to Sensebridge sort of model. AI, machine learning, statistics. Security group: meeting on Thursdays except when 5MoF. Capture the flag. Erlang on Thursdays @ 8pm. Next Thursday (Oct 1) @ 7-9pm - 1st meeting of Bay Area Categories & Types - functional programming meets math Tuesdays @ 6 - Mandarin class (sorta?) TBD - Breaking GSM, sniff cells, etc. 32 FPGAs donated from Hikari. Talk to Andy. Gravity's Rainbow reading club tomorrow @ 6:30pm. Talk to Quinn. Cyborgs - Sundays @ 11am. Some guy with a magnetic implant for display this Sunday. ASL - Wednesdays @ 8pm. Talk without your voice.

1 year anniversary on 28th. Oct 2nd have all our cool stuff out so people can see it instead of being in a big pile. Open house. 6 or 7 'till whenever. Circuit hacking, sensebridge, python on a projector, photo lab, etc etc... invite people and show off how cool we are. Rubin will bring shovels for the pile. Next Friday. Cool art things being invited to show / play stuff.

Moving is done! (applause)

However: Need to be all the way out by the end of the month. It needs to sorta resemble what it looked like when we moved in. Andy will be back Friday and designate / embarrass people into doing it then if necessary. Last time to see 83c. If you don't volunteer, Shannon will drive around to your house and force you. To do: mopping, cleaning, extract water filter, extract some "improvements". Maybe leaving electrical improvements, depends on landlord walkthrough; Andy will find out. May need to paint over the bare metal. Please volunteer, this Saturday and/or Sunday. Or earlier.

SIGNUPS: Friday: John Saturday: Mike Josh Shannon Alex Eric Sunday: Andy Alex

2169 Electrical issues: Subpanels done in a day or two. Power to central subpanel, then going to other places once the place isn't messed up enough to freak out PG&E techs. Suggestion - divide up 2169 into regions, designate owners for regions, so people who care about something make it happen. E.g. lights, receptacles, screwing pipes to walls, push wires through pipes. Maybe a conduit bending workshop? If you care about something, please own a region and make it happen.

2169 Internets: Being built organically? Intermittent problems w/ tunneling. DHCP circuit stable. AP problems should be ironed out soon. Email to bitch. Ethernet is scattered around; if you can't get on wireless, try that.

2169 access control: Stuff is here. If you want to install, talk to Shannon. RFID order canceled pending maglock install. Key from old space works for gates & upstairs doors, but not glass doors. Glass doors must stay open when people are in... effectively means they're open 24/7 recently.

2169 touchpanels: Nils getting X windows drivers to work w/ 10 touch panels. They can in theory control anything - lights, music, a/c, Rubin's voice, access control, etc. Talk to Nils and/or Dr Jesus.

83c mountain @ 2169: Most of it has found homes in new space, esp. electronics team, shop. Computer hardware moved to last classroom for now. Lots of stuff still disorganized.

Lots of (notable) people didn't take stuff off their shelves. That stuff is in the big pile o' stuff in the fire exit side of 2169. You'll have to dig it out. May be turned into a robot if found by someone else first.

NB will soon have shirt patches. Looks badass. Talk to Andy. He'll report back next week for pricing. Ditto Steen for buttons.

Patch art needed; if you want to design it, talk to Shannon.

New stickers bought that don't say 83c. They're @ 2169 somewhere. Bitching about fonts from Rubin.

Shirts also ready, just need to be delivered.


nils: Let's not read the whole membership binder. suggestion: Wannabes have to raise their own names. counter: Some people can't come. recounter: Get sponsor to come. Or write your name on the agenda. note: Useful to mention 'em 4 weeks in a row. suggestion: Add tick mark to member page every time it's read. Stop reading 'em at 4? 6? 8? issues: Info needs to have authoritative, non harvestable source (ie paper in binder). Maybe just ask people to confirm they're in the book at meeting time? de facto policy: Add tick mark when you read a member page. Person reading the binder can skip pages that have more than 4. How many more is up to them.

Rubin logs IRC. jsharp talks a lot.

Arse Electronica reserving one room on Sunday Oct 4. Jake's 2 (sic) sentences: "Do you like fucking? Do you like robots? Why don't you combine them?"

jim: Suggestion - Have 2 libraries: 1 small, valuable stuff; other random shit (magazines etc) ?counter: Reconsider the 'hack shelf' concept. People had some garbage that they had emotional connection to and couldn't throw out. Maybe change policy so people don't just put their trash there. alternate: Relabel the shelf 'trash'? Make it small?

Stella & Steve are librarians. suggestion: Regular bookburning meetings to prune the excess.

Some tentative agreement re. having a distinct reference vs lending library. Report back from librarians next month.

Jeffrey: Corporate sponsorship of events? E.g. we get money, product, etc; they get a banner. counters: a few people sorta? totally? against it. Implicit endorsement of the companies / brands by us as an organization = bad. contrast: hosting Dorkbot, Arse Elektronica would be appropriate? recounter: but they're cool... rerecounter: take it case by case; generally agreed

Board elections soon. Shannon done kissing babies? About 15 members need to respond to Rachel.

Need new Secretary and Treasurer.

Jake suggest we pressure Seth to be Secretary... doesn't think we need to nominate per se. Mitch does anyway. Random people second it.

Andy: All board terms coming up. Not sure what terms are (1yr? 2 yr?) Board needs to decide who Officers are. People interested should talk to Board member.

Fundraiser @ Cellspace, Oct 9: they want signed contract; hearing a lack of enthusiasm. Will cost us $1400... maybe we won't make money anyway? We'll take rep burn if we cancel now, 'cause they've been holding it. Blame it on consensus...

Ex-Piratecat Block party, Oct 17: done by SF city; grant gives barricades & security. Need to get permission from neighbors. Might be hard to get on Mission - maybe instead, Cap between 17th & 18th? Possible funding opportunity, etc. Maybe outsource to vendors for a kickback. Anyone interested, talk to Naomi.

rubin: Get a SJ group ("Bob") to come recycle a big bin o' electronics, monthly.

rubin: Yay Gina for helping w/ 83c. But she doesn't want to clean 2169, it's too big. Rubin's castle-living friends do eco-friendly cleaning who might be willing. $200 per cleaning session, wall to wall (Gina charged $250). alternate: hire people from the neighborhood? alternate 2: (via Mitch) home green home Rubin to do cost/benefit analysis between 'em. Roombas? (Can you get wireless water to work?) Jake: we should raise this in normal consensus process when hiring people

rubin: SF0 Journey to the end of the night - Game run by 3 guys on Oak st, since '05. Open ended, open source, CC. Free. City-wide game of tag. Last one was in Vienna. Really*4 fun. Next one on Halloween, SE part of SF towards Mission / Castro. Looking for end location for party. DC one drew 600 people in beginning, 250 at end. Should we be the party endspot? note: lots of very tired people show up w/ trophies, talk, go away and sleep note: opportunity to get interesting people in the space and expose ourselves (sic) note: what's our legal maximum occupancy? ~100-200. Need to call fire marshal... hypothetically. note: it's Halloween. randoms might show up. OTOH, can block people w/out orange armband and/or recognized as NB members/friends. note: nice cacophanous stuff via dorkbot. good to support that. that's why NB exists in the first place - that and drugs. (sic)

jake: Event every year, called "Hackers". They have thing called "human search engine". Everyone is looking for something (e.g. someone who understands machine learning?). Just ask for what you want, people raise their hands. Suggest we do this at end of every meeting. eg: Q: "I'm looking for someone who knows how the BART system works - e.g. the magstripes, readers, etc etc." A: "My father worked on that." "I'm his father!"

new memberships: Alex aka Von Guard, Miah (pronounced "ma-ya" not "mee-a")

rubin nominates noiserat to become a member. Condolences to noiserat's cousin, found dead under the cabinets...

HUMAN SEARCH ENGINE jake: wants someone who groks AES crypto josh: wants autotools wiz who knows how it works steve: wants people who know how to organize libraries; building MAME cabinet john: running linux on ARM processor, driving reasonable size display, make small laptop size general computer quinn: green gaspacho is new recipe; need more pepper? salt? tomatoes? mike: someone to develop new type of multisensory computer interface eric: using bluetooth stack on iphone naomi: ?standing project - - building pirate radio? nate: anyone know about / want to build a absorption chiller - chemical not physical process for refrigeration