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Moderator: TBD

Note-Taker: TBD

Agenda Items


Introduction and Names

What Noisebridge is about

Treasurer's Report

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process

What's Going On at Noisebridge

One short sentence about each of the following:

Project Updates

  • Moving is done!
  • Electrical at 2169
  • Internets at 2169

Consensus items

Noisebridge patches

Discussion Items

  • Can we shorten the membership binder reading? Right now it's tedious and annoying because we have a huge number of people in there who aren't around and who we don't expect to be around. I have some ideas for this. -nils
  • Arse Elektronika workshop would like to reserve one of the small rooms on Saturday October 3 from 12 noon to 10PM (probably less). We already OK'd Arse Elektronika workshops generally, this item is just about reserving one of the small rooms for it.
  • pre-proposal for two dead-tree libraries, a la share and hack shelves: one dead-tree library contains books that have core information (e.g. TCP-IP illustrated, books on essential technologies...) and that we care for--read at noisebridge but do not take away, do not mark or otherwise alter; the other dead-tree library is "hackable"--take 'em home, bring 'em back or not, rip out pages, anything goes. the core library ought to be fairly small, most magazines and books should belong to the "hackable" library. i have two interests: one is i like being able to depend on information (and tools) being in place; the other is that i have a large set of books that i believe contains a few really useful books, and i've promised the people who gave them to me that i'd make a best effort to see that the valuable ones have a home for public access, and what better place than the noisebridge library.

jim stockford ( ).

Membership Binder


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