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Moderator: TBD -- jim volunteers

Note-Taker: TBD

Attendee Count: XX

Officers: XX

Agenda Items


Introduction and Names

What Noisebridge is about

Treasurer's Report

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process

Noisebridge now has insurance!

What's Going On at Noisebridge

One short sentence about each of the following:

Project Updates

2169 Mission

  • Electrical
  • Library
  • Network

Open Hacker House

Consensus items

  • Jeffrey Malone for treasurer
  • Membership Binder

Discussion Items

Proposed consensus items for next week

General Discussion


NB now has $1M liability insurance for 2169. Yay! (Only covers injuries, not stuff. Don't drop your laptop and try to sue.)

Various stuff was awesome. Yay.

We now have an actual lightswitch. OMG. It's next to the bookshelves. Applause for Jim.

We need money for shelves. Have $120. Need more. Donate plz.

Matt et al did network stuff. 1W switch or somesuch, new router software, etc. Fat tubez R us. Connect to Noisebridge A if you can, it's faster. Tubez will be getting crazy fat soon. Talk to Matt if you want to know how.

Also, the network closet now has increased security (i.e. a ladder).

Rachael got 83c Comcast service discontinued; Speakeasy still needs to be done. VOIP phonage needs work, email ops@NB

Yay Rubin et al for the Open House. We made $1450 gross; alcohol $250 plus misc = ~$1250 net. Mm, booze.

Jeffrey promises mysterious absences of money in his term as Treasurer. Seconded multiply. Running unopposed... and duly appointed. Mitch won't just disappear, they'll work stuff out.

2 new membership apps since last week, yay new people.

Dave Rawks & Meryl Pacana up for membership today. - Dave Rawks: nobody present seems to know him; no objections, just no real recognition. Deferred until later so we can get to know him better. - Meryl Pacana: now a member! Yay.

David415 suggests we send useful stuff (TVs, computers, projection screens, FM transmitters, etc) to get recycled / reused / donated to people in other countries (e.g. Cuba), so it doesn't end up as toxic waste. NB could be a proxy to help donate 'em - MCRC donates the computers to NB, and NB in turn gives it to the target Cuban population via Frantisek ... various discussion about legalities, ethics, risks, prior experience with ACCRC & MCRC, donations, etc etc - decision: Jake will ask a lawyer if it's legal, we'll see more info from Frantisek & Leif, talk again next week - deadline: Oct 23, Frantisek leaves US - alternatives: private donations of computers? - google hits e.g. "donate computers to Cuba" - people to talk to: Frantisek, Leif, David, Shannon, Jake

Issue: property rights at Noisebridge ... long discussion mostly reiterating nb-discuss.

  • expectations:

- stuff in NB is hackable - one's own stuff won't be fucked with - we treat each other excellently

  • partial solutions:

- label your stuff, e.g. a sign on a project saying 'This is Bob's, please don't touch' - try to make sure your stuff is on your named shelf if it's not intended for communal (ab)use - (controversial) unclaimed / untended stuff is to be expected to be put on hack shelf and thence up for use / destruction / robot-making / etc

  • questions & issues:

- should NB take loans and not only no-strings donations? (currently: no) - should NB take stuff that's not intended for a specific project? - how should NB dispose of stuff that sits around unhacked?

  • notes:

- NB has insurance that covers NB-owned property, but not member property - it kinda sucks to have equipment disappear that someone's using, mid project with, etc because someone takes it back

  • decision:

- defer to hypothetical committee and further discussion

  • to ask DrJ: The etiquette of discussing equipment repurposing

Issue: broadcast logging on the network - should we log network activity, doors, etc? - example: noisedoor had an mdns command that showed laptop IDs currently in the space - people can hypothetically opt out of mdns. OTOH, most laptops broadcast it automatically - some things are bundled; e.g. opting into zeroconf networking gives both easy printers and mdns exposure - people have expectation of privacy. OTOH, privacy is vulnerable anyway if someone really wants to attack it. OTGH, we can raise the bar of abusing it - people have different levels of technical ability and ability / knowledge of how to protect themselves

  • decision: committee, discuss, etc

Proposal: make shelf for plants near windows. No objections, yay plants

Proposals: (talk to Christian Einfelt) - have SF Linux Users Group here? (~6-13 people typically)

- counter: NB person spearheads it, treat it like any other class
- random: Python night started as an SFLUG thing, moved to NB successfully

- bring linux computers to NB, let 'em be hacked, then give 'em to newb boyscouts / students / teachers to learn on

- counterproposal: make a group, do it as part of a project

Proposal: origami group (talk to Michael)

Announce: Deep Crack offered to NB. Fastest (non-classified) DES cracker. Non repurposable (ASIC and not FPGA). US citizen use only. Claimed value $250k. Takes a lot of power, six racks worth of stuff, needs a truck. (Talk to Jake)

... and finally we're done, @ 10:10pm. Yay.