Meeting Notes 2009 10 27

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Moderator: TBD

Note-Taker: TBD

Attendee Count: XX

Officers: XX

Agenda Items


Introduction and Names

What Noisebridge is about

Treasurer's Report

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process

What's Going On at Noisebridge

One short sentence about each of the following:

  • Circuit Hacking Mondays (7PM, 2169)
  • Python Mondays (6:30 PM, 2169)
  • Security group - Thursdays 8PM except when 5MoF happens
  • SF0's Journey to the End of the Night - A free street game across the cityscape of San Francisco (20091031 1730 at 2169)
  • German is picked up again on Thursday?
  • neal wants to meet saturday morning to talk about coit tower film projection and broadcast.
  • Noisebridge Biweekly Cleaning Day, Thursday the 29th.

Need to schedule:

  • New First Aid / CPR class from Michael (one time, approximately four hours)

Project Updates

2169 Mission

  • Electrical
  • Library
  • Network

Consensus items

  • Membership Binder
  • Seth Schoen is approved by the NB Board to be the next secretary (if Members agree)

Discussion Items

Who can host events? This new page seems to indicate any one, Hosting_an_Event. Is that what we want?

Censuring certain people for penises.