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Moderator: John Magolske

Note-Taker: Danny O'Brien

Attendee Count: 25ish

Officers: Rachel, Mitch

I have volunteered to take the meetynge notes in the style of a 17th century essayist.

So up, and to Noisebridge, where I did attend the meetynge of the week, and was so pressganged there into beynge a recordist, and did solemnly type this at that time into my computationeristic automaton.

Agenda Items[edit]


Introduction and Names[edit]

John did so choose to run the meeting, and thus firstly encouraged others to prattle joyously with regard to their names and pursuits. Visitors were noted from HOPE's past, Europe, Upstate New York, and yonder areas of much lesser repute.

What Noisebridge is about[edit]

He did also repeat the Emperor's Pledge regardynge the duty unto Excellence fromall those attached to the NoiseBridge.

Treasurer's Report[edit]

In the absence of the Treasurer due to either Plague or Ague, Mitch did wisely and smartly report from his knowledge as ex-treasurer of our accounts. He did report a rounded amount of $24,000 in accounts, still money to pay for buildout, and we did offer that we doth have plentitude for three months runnynge in advance, and are therefore in Good Steade. There is a dearth of membership dues for November, however, and thus you are behoven to pay whowith for what is endebten.

Elections for Board Members[edit]

Rachel did carefully announce that next Thursday is the deadline for nominations for the board. If you do not know whither you are described by the Noisebridge in accounts to be Membere in Goode Standinge, talk unto a board member, such as the Secretary or Treasury to ascertain whether you may excecise the right of all such carbonne-based or sentiente lifeforms to vote in such election. You should also apply your mind to the voting systeme, which will be announced shortly.

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process[edit]

Mitch was called upon to recite the Emperor's Wishes Regardynge Consensus, and the capability of members to block therein.

What's Going On at Noisebridge[edit]

John was then consumed with the spirit of seeynge into the far future, and did scry a list of events deducted only from his senses and the front page of the website, which he did summon usynge his computationeristic automaton:

One short sentence about each of the following:

Project Updates[edit]

2169 Mission[edit]

  • Electrical
  • Library

Andy did mention the electonic card catalogue, which Stella was in charge of. The Room of Darke has proceeded apace, and Rubin and others have worked deciduously in order to effect this.

  • Shop -- We have new tool-chests, more organization, and more organization is on the way. Interested in helping out? Talk to John Magolske.
  • Network -- has donated some fine connectivity to Noisebridge.

MonkeyBrains is doynge a pilot project with KQED and the city for non-profits in the Myssione area. Up betimes they came and did put up their antenna, and $300 was paid for the install fee, and the first year was offered with no cost. Andy is seekynge contributions, as he did make good with them for said $300 out of his own purse. Yonder antenna for such service has been placed with others on the roof, and cabling comes in through the skylight, goes up through a vent (keepynge water out) and lands in ye Turynge Room -- netwyrk tests report 30Megabits down, 20Megabits up, which all agreed is mighty, but is bursty right now and not thus yet stabyle for our principalle network. If you have experience with wireless PtP, or have access to a analyzer of spectrums, that would be great, spake Andy. If anyone has a spare class-C IP network to gifte the Noisebridge, Monkey Brains would be happy to route that.

Past events were celebrated levitously, includyng the $500 from donations from Dorkbotte evynte was duly received, and our felicitations were granted to our Dorkbottique brethren. Fyve minutes of Ye Fame was likewise admired, as if it was a never before apprized beam from a beneficent Apollo.

  • Kitchen buildout.

Ye new tile countertoppe was mightily appreciated by all and all did dine on a barrel of oysters in celebratione.

Consensus items[edit]

  • Membership Binder

Xander was spoken about aforeaft his backe as he did wander the streets of Myssione, and none did declaim against his name, and so he did become a member forthwith, withstanding his dues and contact information.

He dyde return with many flagons of Corona, a variety of meade brewed with hoppes.

Discussion Items[edit]

Steven, a cabler from this parish, did offer to fixe the cabling in our place, and did offer so to put his plannyng unto the wiki, the builde mailynge list and discuss.

Knot-ty-inge on Sunday at 3 of the hour was mentioned, as was Jennyfere Granyck, a Lawyer who aideth those Hackeyres who fall on hard times, who will speak at the Noisebridge in Monday at 7pm.