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=== Agenda Items ===
=== Agenda Items ===
Meredith S.- Yuri's night presence.
=== Membership binder ===
=== Membership binder ===

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Moderator: Jason Dusek

Note-Taker: jof


  • New WiFi access point
  • Albert introduces himself
  • Henrik is visiting from Denmark
    • Touring hackerspaces and would like to interview people

Introduction and Names[edit]

What Noisebridge is about[edit]

  • A collaborative environment to work on projects
  • "Noisebridge is a machine for turning Alcohol into flamewars"

Treasurer's Report[edit]

  • Not present.
  • Remember to pay your dues!
  • "Is anyone owned money?"
    • Jason thinks we do not

Amount in bank: $???

Very brief primer on Noisebridge consensus process[edit]

Agenda Items[edit]

Membership binder[edit]

  • Zedd has the binder. Up for membership:
    • Glen Jarvis is here and up for membership
      • Been coming to noisebridge for a while. Didn't understand the membership process -- sorry. Been coming to Monday night circuit hacking evenings. Would like to be coming more and sharing the space more.
    • Zedd Epstein is up for membership
      • "I'm Zedd, I build stuff."
    • Christopher L. is up for membership
      • Joined on with Spacebridge. Had been doing balloon launches for the photos. Got involved in the first launch and things noisebridge is awesome.
    • Chris L. is up for membership
      • Wants to sew. Been dropping in since it started. Like to sew, solder, and lights. Going to bring some color!
      • Wants to make diffraction gratings in the darkroom
  • Zedd, Glen, Christopher, and Chris go for beer...
  • Discussion about each member up for memebership. Concerns and praise are voiced.
  • Chris L. is now a member of Noisebridge
  • Christopher L. is now a member of Noisebridge
  • Glen Jarvis is now a member of Noisebridge
  • Zedd Epstein is now a member of Noisebridge

What's Going On at Noisebridge[edit]

One short sentence about each of the following:

  • Circuit Hacking Mondays (7PM, 2169)
    • People are building things. Lots of new faces. It's awesome.
  • Python Mondays (6:30 PM, 2169)
    • It's been happening reliably. People meet. Python happens.
  • Linux Discussion Group - Wednesdays from 18:00 to 20:00 in the Turing classroom
  • SCoW craft group - Wednesdays at 7PM
    • "Sewing and Crafting on Wednesdays" 'or'..
    • "Sewing, Crafting, or Whatever"
  • GameDevelopment - Wednesdays at 8PM, back from Berlin and 2010 class is in session
  • Shop Friday still plans to come back when the shop is done.
  • Sensebridge and the EEG group - Sundays at afternoonish (1-2ish) - come to try brain scanning
    • Sensebridge is hacking shit to give you additional senses. The EEG group is hacking EEG. They have a 10-channel EEG that they are trying to convert to digital.
  • Spacebridge - Sundays at 5PM planning meeting this Sunday to decide
    • The Noisebridge space program. They are going to launch again and plan for it to go higher and freeze less. More pretty graphs.
  • Knots, Go, and Locks! - Sundays 3PM
    • People that hang around on Sunday. Some people tie knots, some play Go, and some people play with locks. Sometimes at the same time.
  • Five Minutes of Fame
    • 5 minute talks. Still slots open. If you're interested in talking, submit a talk.
  • Welcome To Our Kitchen Come celebrate Pi day this Sunday with the opening of our newly completed kitchen!
    • Ani, Rubin, Miloh, and Jeffrey are putting this together. Going to be making pizza and sudo pop. Starting at 3:14 PM local time. $5 donation to cover costs.
    • The new kitchen is AWESOME!
  • Videos of PyCon talks Saturday, March 27, 10:00 to 22:00
    • PyCon was far away. For those that couldn't go, let's hang out and watch the videos of the proceedings. The turtles talk is incredible.

Project Updates[edit]

2169 Mission[edit]

  • Kitchen
    • Nearing completion.
    • We have hot water!
  • Plumbing
    • Zedd: "Hot water fucking works!"
  • Library/dead tree: books in the new bookshelves are wanted by someone. if you want books that are in the boxes or on the old bookshelves, move them to the new bookshelves.
    • New bookshelves are by Penisland.
    • Old bookshelves are metal and by the elevator room
  • Rats are still around. What should we do?
  • In the basement, there are three huge windows with metal grates. Rats have chewed through the metal.
    • We probably have a bionic rat variety
  • As construction continues, we'll fill more and more holes in the infrastructure. Hopefully this will help to reduce the influx of Rattus norvegicus.
  • Rats are running in packs. Run for your lives.

Consensus items[edit]

  • Jof for President of Noisebridge

This item was approved by consensus.

Discussion Items[edit]

Please list your name (or proxy) next to each item you list here. Good form is to personally (or through proxy) lead items added here at the meeting.