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The 132nd Meeting of Noisebridge


Introduction and Names

There was this guy from Noisebridge,
And he stoppeth one in three,
And the ones he stopped this Tuesday,
Were Mike, Rachel, Seth and me

John and Al and Milo,
Kelly, Carl and Mike
And others too mumbly to record,
but easy enough to like.

The HMS Consensus,
Was the ship they travelled in
And the niggly details of how and what
Were mentioned here, therein

Colin asked the queries
As oft the newbie does
And others explained, in familiar refrain
How things are done here, because:

We're excellent to each other
We rarely ever block
We value tools over pre-emptive rules
And spurn the key and the lock.


Neurofog told us that he does not live
at the 'bridge and never will,
Much relief was expressed
Because, it is stressed
Permasleeping is a terrible ill.

Frantisek cooked some awesome food
I may have got his name wrong
His project noble: building Hackmobile
For something less than a song

Two grand is what he estimates
Know a bus that's cheaper?
Shout "Frantisek!", then "Apfelbeck!"
He's looking for a keeper.

Frantisek has other plans
We proposes to cook a Thanksgiving NB
It won't be arrayed on the usual day
But the preceding saturdee.

Membership Binder

The binder was checked, and John was there,
Read twice, with a singleton sponsor
Two weeks and another, he'll be like a brother
And an official Noisebridge Mon-sieur

What's Going On at Noisebridge

The event list was read, too long to give
Craft, machine-learning and knots.
Please to repeat lists from previous meets
If you need to know the lot.

Probability's added for a Tuesday event
Or at least that's what the odds say
Bay Area Hackers are Associating
On the Second Sunday, monthlay

Financial Report

Seven thousand and nine, hundred dollars and eighty
Three are in the kitty.
Send in your dues, lest chaos be loosed
The results will not be pretty.

We're running so low, it's worrying
It's less than twice our expenses
You need to remit all your spondooliks
Such slacking is wrong and offensive

The treasurer moans! We can't take out loans!
Our Wells Fargo account's reconciling
Is in wild dissarray, sad to portray
And the system, it needs codifying.

Discussion Items

John wanted to restart hacking EEGs,
So we put it in this lay,
And everyone wassailed that -discuss should be mailed
And see what they have to say,

Consensus Items

It was announced by Al that he'll repaint the walls
Over by the sewing
The pictures were neat,
And checked at past meets,
But it's time that they were going.

The record shows
Al "was not pissed!!!"
But hacks always proceed,
And art never persists.


The Hackbus is looking for money and time
and laptops, Pent IV or what have you
Mario is also looking for laptops, says Al
For kids to run Ubuntu.

Keyboard or mouse on U to the S
to the bus that starts with a B;
Monitors, ladles and VGA cables,
Noisebridge will take gladly.

Thursday nobody put out the garbage cans
Maybe there's a technical fix
Mike assayed that the touchscreen displays
Could show some timely widgets

Other Issues

Low incoming numbers of prospective members,
Is that a new kind of problem?
Frantisek shared, but no-one else cared.
If they wont sign the binder, then screw them.

Seth says he's going to Iceland
And visiting their own hackerspace
You can give him some baggage, to go on his voyage,
Just say so to his face


This started like the Mariner rhyme
But now I've forgotten the scheme
Is it ABCB
Time to call this meeting finis.
Time, quoth Milo, to smoke DMT.

For we're excellent to each other here
We rarely ever block
We value tools over pre-emptive rules
And spurn the key and the lock