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* Recent donations: $2525 in one-time donations and new memberships, since 12/19
* Recent donations: $2525 in one-time donations and new memberships, since 12/19
** 5 sponsor-a-days
** 5 sponsor-a-days
** lots of people bumped up from $40 to $80
** lots of one time donations
** miloh says we have $10,000 in paypal, 6 or 700 in square too.  whoo! lots of new donations lately, ref. "death and taxes" thread on discuss.
mark burdett is going to make a pay-us widget.
katie from hackerdojo offered us their user management source code.  way cool!
yay transparency!
patrick offers to wiki record how we solve these problems as a best practice.
=== Membership Binder ===
=== Membership Binder ===

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