Meeting Notes 2011 01 11

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The 143rd Meeting of Noisebridge

Tragically, there is no remaining record of this meeting. At some point, we believe that someone proposed that all measurements of mass within Noisebridge be reset to zero. When the meeting consensed on this point, all matter in the sphere of agreement instantly gained the velocity of the speed of light, tearing apart the meeting, any notes made from it, and of course the fragile consensus that it had struggled to create. We congratulate the local San Francisco police, ambulance and strong-nuclear forces for restoring order in time for the next meeting.

Membership Binder

What flimsy traces of neutrino records remain indicate that Rachel Hospadar was made a fully-fledged member of Noisebridge.

Consensus items

There is some indication that the consensus item (regarding how what precise system we should use for electing our board), was agreed upon.

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