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HOWTO run a meeting.

Pick a moderator, and a note-taker. The note-taker should:

  • write notes in this page, put them back up online when they're done,
  • edit the Current Consensus Items if anything is decided to be up for consensus next week (stuff raised for consensus this week should be publicised for a final decision next week)
  • edit the Consensus Items History if anything was consensed or failed to consense this week.
  • tell and if there are new members.

Moderator should:

  • make sure everyone gets a chance to speak
  • speak minimally themselves
  • keep the meeting moving! you're in charge of summarising the consensus, and/or suggesting things that need to be done!
  • get the membership binders and ensure they are returned to the black desk


The 195th Meeting of Noisebridge

Note-taker: User:Malaclyps

Moderator: User:WHAT IS TOM'S NAME

Introduction and Names

  • What Noisebridge is about: "Noisebridge is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides a space for creation, collaboration, and learning about technology and creative projects. Noisebridge provides space, power tools, and infrastructure to help the public learn new skills and create cool things. Noisebridge continues to exist through and depends entirely on membership fees and donations. Our code of conduct is 'Be excellent to each other'."
  • Round of introductions: What's your name, what do you do, and if you are new, how did you hear about Noisebridge? Start with the moderator and go left.
  • A brief primer on consensus process: We agree and so should you! Only paid-up members can block consensus.


Tom is here and moderating Leif is here and attending Jed is sitting next to this meeting. Working on IOCCC program! Tony -- it's his first meeting! He's doing a zine for about and in Noisebridge. Corey -- here to talk about the Android thing! Patrick -- my first meeting. Working on projects! Michel -- made some pizza Max -- was down, is back! Brian -- also gone for a month, now back! Robert aka Rayc -- help out in woodshop area, teach impromptu laser workshops. HUGE BIG JANITORIAL INFRASTRUCTURAL UPS TO THE RAYC MAN. Cho -- publishes Species magazine, Free University Jeff -- first meeting! SuperQ says hi Danny -- I'm typing this on the screen. You can edit it on the wiki, but not right now, because that would produce edit conflicts. If you say something now, I will just type in. Etherbad. I have bad speech recognition. Hhuhh

Kelly -- treasurer, works in neuroscience Ben -- shelter for cats and large rodents Cynthia -- help out with tastebridge! Chris -- attending this meeting Mike -- a technowanderer. Still not a quartermaster or stock clerk.

Short Announcements

Speakers installed above the reverse engineering lab. Stuff is sweeped.

Desks been relocated, communal computer relocated.

Going to finish setting up a printer station... MORE STUFF TO THE LIST!

New or Stale Events

CodeSF happened. It was awesome.

Financial Report

Funds in bank: $20,354 NoiseTor: $3612.22 ($787 per month) Total for NB: $16,742.28

Membership Binder

  • Read off any names from the binder for the past month. Write a check on every open application.
  • Anyone up for joining this week (ie have four checks by their name + have two sponsors) should introduce themselves then leave the area in search of gifts (traditionally beer and a lime) for the rest of the group. The rest of the meeting should consense on whether they may join.

New members! Brian C! Max Weisel!

Consensus items

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Tom says he and Kelly are going to work on the membership expiration text. Email them if you want to help out.

Discussion Items

For the last three months, we have been making steady progress, in the wrong direction. We were below 3MW, and now we're above 3MW. One or both of our circuits have been converted to smart meters, so that might have had an effect. We don't have the data from the smart meters soon EVEN THOUGH TELEVISION ADVERTISING SHOWS PEOPLE LOOKING AT GRAPHS.

Apparently television may contain lies.

Ben attributes some of the usage to lighting repair.

Also some people because of the construction have been using the halogen lamps. Stop this.

We haven't yet got power monitoring in. SuperQ and Jake blame vendors. SuperQ also blames Jake. Jake blames cats.

RayC says "curtains". He has looked for thermal leaks with Mike's thermomommeomomeeter and curtains would be the best solution.


  • Consensus item for next week: Now that Noisetor has undergone a trial period of operation, Noisebridge should extend the authorization of the Noisetor project to allow it to continue operating indefinitely. (Proposed by MCT, Andy, Leif)
    • Danny says he was under the impression that we were going to extend the noisetor consensus for a longer period of time, but that creating an indefinite commitment is not conducive to the consensus process since it's hard to unconsense something.
    • Kelly is concerned that Noisetor folks have only recently instituted sufficient bookkeeping to track their balance, and that she would like this to be a more solid, regular practice before an indefinite consensus.
  • Matching funds for Noisetor donations should go to Noisetor.
    • Noisetor people Andy and Leif are uncomfortable calling Noisetor donations earmarked because this may have some other legal definitions.
    • It is pointed out that Noisetor will be setting a binding precedent, under god, for matching donations for other Noisebridge projects that have separate funds.


  • Rayc says there is a garbage pile. Put your garbage there. Take non-garbage out. Purge Noisebridge.
  • people want space heaters at night
    • apparently lease forbids this (no one can confirm this -- maybe it's the insurance?)
    • Kelly donated large lined curtains last year which disappeared.
  • might seek donations for curtains
    • moving blankets!
    • Rayc will email discuss list

taking over the nb hacker hotline

  • no one knows what this is. We suspect Danny.
  • Danny texted saying to look on the wiki (but a wiki search for "hotline" turns up nothing recent)

SF Free University People

  • Joe and Alan are visiting, want to use the space for classes.
    • Joe is teaching a PKD class, there's also a creative writing class.
  • They have a website.
  • Looking to consolidate their classes in the mission district (have historically been all over town)
  • Several people point out that classes taught at Noisebridge should be open to all
  • Rayc is open to "sponsoring" free university events at Noisebridge
  • Joe and Alan will read the wiki page on Hosting an Event.
    • post to the announce mailing list
    • make a wiki account
    • keep a wiki page up to date (and the front page)

End of Meeting

  • PGP Key Signing could happen now, check the list to see who wants in on the action.
  • Put back the membership binder in the black desk.
  • Save the meeting notes to the wiki.
  • Send a copy of the meeting notes to the discussion list.
  • Copy the Meeting Notes Template for next week's agenda and update the main wiki page's link to it.
  • Enjoy a cocktail with your fellow hacker or robot.