Meeting Notes 2012 05 15

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The 216th Meeting of Noisebridge

Note-taker: Jehan,

Moderator: Malaclyps

Introduction and Names

(and many others -- we only got started on the note-taking after a few intros had gone past)

  • Cynthia: keeps place going
  • John: Hacking on Biomonitoring
  • Michele: French?
  • Robert: Linux, DBs
  • Ava: Visiting
  • Julian: Spectator
  • Liz: Hangs out sometimes
  • Miloh: Circuit hacking and replicating
  • Jared: Machine Learning, Hadoop
  • Will: 5mof
  • Corey & Marnia: Robo-Gardens

Short Announcements

  • Daniella- Great idea, provisional patents. Entering tech awards. In Santa Clara, third party recipiant = NB!
  • Intro to Linux one night a month. Non techie. Will be posted.
  • Hard drive enclosures, internet archive, new fund.

New or Stale Events

  • R started Ruby collaborative mondays 5 oclock
  • Thursdays 5mof, looking for speakers. Talk about mother or interpretive dance.
  • Maker Faire this weekend- Page on wiki to sign up and volunteer, talk to Chris Lincoln.

Membership Binder

  • Zephyr
  • Blake Griffis 4
  • Daniel Jabour 4
  • Aspen 4
  • Tobias 4
  • Jim Sweet needs 2 sponsors

Financial Report

  • Funds in bank:
  • Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
    • There are $2101.33 earmarked NoiseTor funds
    • Colo service has been paid through Jun 7, 2012
    • There are enough funds to pay for an additional 2 months of colo
    • This information was updated at Tue May 15 20:21:07 2012

Consensus items

You may wish to invite a knowledgeable volunteer to repeat a brief primer on the consensus process.

Proposals from last week

(Add any items which pass or are blocked to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week

  • That we extend the cleaning contract with Skyline Building Care for another six months. (Added to Current Consensus Items)

Add 70 minute limit on meetings

Select Time-Keeper = Miloh

Discussion Items

  • Additional: Cleaning Service- Have we gotten a good deal? Should we continue?
  • DIY bio: 10 minutes
    • 2 refrigerators
    • Full of papayas, now empty, group tried to throw it out.
    • Does anyone want fridge?
  • 5MoF Pitch
  • "R" (edited to "R" after meeting to avoid linking an individual's initials to an embarrassing series of events -Jehan) discussion
    • Gavin Says:
      • Threatened to kill other members
      • Tony felt uncomfortable because of other members- i.e. R
      • Support or help R?
      • Traditional option is mediation
      • R has made some threats to someone at Noisebridge -- safety could be a concern to some people
      • Mediation hasn't worked for at least one person.
    • R Says:
      • Truly appreciates community
      • Takes responsibility for what has happened
      • Admits was in wrong
      • Lack of communication with parties involved
      • Cycle of wronggness
        • Drunk
        • Drunk during meeting as well
        • Not as jovial as usual
    • Tony came up to R in agressive way
      • Would not let him speak
      • told R to suck cock
      • R suggested inverse cock sucking relationship
      • Many cocksucking suggestions were made, according to Kayla
      • Kayla gives a very vivid description of the cock-sucking language used
      • Cocksucking story may be wrong according to R
      • No Cocksucking after all
      • Kayla just wants to say that R does many positive things around the space as well
    • Miloh is pissed about R 2.0
      • Hacking and not finishing
      • Miloh says R should leave for month
      • R doesn't finish his projects, and only makes a mess.
    • Daniella says give him a second chance.
    • Kayla says 2 week hiatus
    • Will has never had problem with him personally- but when he has heard problems they involve alchohol (mild claps)
      • No drinking in space for some people
      • Some people do not believe that the details should be in notes.
      • Kayla recieved text claiming to be proxying for Tony
    • Zephyr has had a few problems with R and feels that the solutions are appropriate
    • Gavin says what about an email list? Mediators as admins.
    • Jim says that he doesnt like the idea that R leaves. Likes no drinking.
    • Liz says we should support R if you haven't had problems with him
    • Ramone says taking break from place is not solution, mediation is good solution type thing, not super opposed to break. But it's not direct solution.
    • Kayla says brief hiatus from NB can be good.
    • R says it's a good idea. If it makes people feel comfortable. He is willing to take a break from the space for a month.
    • Miloh says that R can't argue with charges. It is sexual harassment (of tony)
    • R says that Kayla's credibility on alleged cocksucking comments should be disputed.
    • R says: He is not agaisnt anyone for any sexual orientation. Has numerous gay friends and roomates. (loud arguing) (5 minute break)
    • (meeting recommences)
    • More to it than is on the board: Complicated proposal:
      • Bad for NB as whole to tell ppl to leave and send them off
      • Spending some time away can be good in general and good for R in particular
      • People feel that it is bad to explain things to R because there can be confrontation
      • People think that R should spend time away but that they feel that he should not be asked to spend time away
      • People feel that it is good to ask him to not be drunk (and rowdy) in NB
      • Does the space need to have a no shitfacedness policy?
      • Claudia agrees
      • A few people disagree
      • Group feeling is that drunkeness is an essential NB ingredient
      • Alot of people love R, and the events, and the hour long meeting is a tragedy
      • R agrees with the above.
      • Miloh advocates for 10 week break
      • MC Hawking says 20 weeks
      • No real consensus
      • R says that he would be comfortable taking month off
        • We should work out way to co-exist
        • Space may not be big enough for both R and Gavin
        • R intends to take legal action about above slander as he alleges
      • Is 4 weeks too long?
      • 3 weeks as a medium between 2 weeks (hippie mob who is kindly) 4 weeks (r in his self-flagellation)
    • Conclusions:
      • 3 week break and no drinking for R
      • Community can drink R's beers.
      • R can drink water, and eat ice cream
      • Hippie group therapy and avengers movie counseling
        • R insists no problem with "homophilia"
        • Whoa, R may be drinking in the corner. But agrees not to drink.
        • R wants Noisebridge Postcard, sounds like a good idea
        • but wait, this isn't democratic process.
        • We're not a democracy dammit.
        • This shoudl be voluntary for R (it is)
        • We're not the fucking police (goddamn right)
        • At the age of 7 R was diagnosed with Posttraumatic stress. This has haunted
        • Noisebridge demands new Icecream diet for R
        • let's mediate bro
        • Our fearless temporary spokesperson demands 3 weeks.
  • Bio hacking. papayas. on thursday people tried to throw out the broken fridge. something something rotten papayas. What?
      • Miloh says it's just that we had 2 fridges. it is not a bio hacking thing at all. at least sell the fridge to benefit the space.
      • jesse - suggestion that something about biohacking.... ?
      • Oh. okay jesse is actually saying, Does Noisebridge NOT have a problem with diy bio hacking?
      • This doesn't make sense, both fridges wer