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These are the notes from the The 247th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Danny.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • RAYC: On Sunday a bunch of folks spontaneously cleaned, mopped, and tidied. Gold stars all around!
  • Johnny Radio: Noisejam on Jan 20. 14-min composition, you must make your own instrument.
  • Mysterious chocolate coins on the table.
  • Thomas wants 10 volunteers for a nonprofit helping artists to learn real-world skills. Meeting Thursday, 6 or 7pm.
  • Danny: 5mof this Thursday at 8pm. Be there or be square.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Alexandra Glowaski (Merlin). Week 1. Sponsors: Tom Lowenthal; Jake Spaz; Snail Tsunami
  • Justin (Link Reincarnate). Week 1. Debated sponsorship, possibly Jake
  • Charles Cordies. Week 3. No sponsors.
  • Collin Anderson. Week 4+. Sponsors: SuperQ, IOerror, Danny.
  • Thomas L J Harper. Week 4+. No sponsors.

Financial Report[edit]

Funds in bank: $15,289.24

  • Tor balance has been paid this month.
  • Taxes and SOI posted, only one state issue left to take care of.
  • Sprint/debt issue mysteriously resolved.
  • Insurance renewed, not reimbursed yet.

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

  • Tom & Leif agreed to defer the item regarding mousetraps until Jan 8.

Proposals for next week [edit]

Discussion Notes[edit]

Music & the "Bar Scene"[edit]

RAYC is concerned about disruptive behavior which makes it difficult to hack. Of primary concern is playing loud music or having loud social conversations. This -- as ever -- is a trait most concerning when found in people who do not typical engage in other more productive pursuits at other times.

  • Drew disagrees with RAYC's characterization of recent situations. Danny suggests that RAYC and Drew talk about this outside the meeting, perhaps with a mediator.
  • Myk is particularly concerned about folks who listen to loud music or "play the drums" to distraction, particularly Lilly, and somewhat Kim.

Problem People[edit]

We had a discussion about the behavior (or misbehavior) of several folks at the space.

Andreas: experienced some sort of mental break which was rather disruptive to everyone around him, called the police, and was removed by them.

  • He was asked to leave at that time. RAYC notes that he subsequently returned.
  • His behavior included harassing one young lady in the space. Daniella notes that this is the same Andreas with whom she has previously engaged in mediation (he agreed not to contact her again).
  • Danny summarized the discussion: we here agree that Andreas is not welcome. If you see him, feel free to call on others to help you ask him to leave.

Chris has previously engaged in disruptive and sometimes somewhat violent dangerous behavior.

  • He has previously engaged in mediation with Snail and John about this behavior. He has violated the consensus of their mediation.
  • On Friday night, Martin attempted to remove a disruptive Chris. Martin was not completely sober, and used a cane to threaten Chris.
    • Leif: It is never acceptable to threaten someone with violence.
    • Danny: If someone is threatening you with violence, and you think violence is the response, well... now you have two problems.

Jessie appears to have been drunk in the space, harassing someone here to work.

There were some high-level conclusions from our wide-ranging discussions about how to deal with individuals who are disruptive or threatening. We agree that neither violence nor the threat of violence are acceptable tools, but what tools are useful and effective? The responsibility for dealing with social problems and challenging situations falls to the community. Barring extenuating circumstances, if someone is causing trouble in the space, everyone here has an obligation to support their peers in removing that person. This doesn't mean an angry mob, it means consistent, strong, loving pressure to resolve the issue at a meeting or at mediation.


  • Danny O'Brien, a member, read the first chapter of four different attention deficit disorder books last night.
  • Martin...
  • John is a member, he hacks neuro and fab.
  • Josh does songbridge, teaching multitrack-recording and, computer sound.
  • Beau is east coast style.
  • James is a sysadmin, focusing on GPT.
  • Cliff is hacking the shop.
  • Robert recently hacked the fab area so it's more efficient. [Ed note: seriously. #winning]
  • Rob is an OS hacker, also does AV.
  • Dan have been learning Noisebridge over a few weeks, interested in neuro, machine learning, and screen printing.
  • Jonathan is from Nebraska, where he tried to start maker space with mixed success. He's currently working on a MUD (bringing back the nineties).
  • Rev Myk does world building & social hacking
  • Leif TAHOE-LAFS decentralise append-only semantics
  • Snail (a member) is our benevolent dictator
  • Kai one month AI, db
  • Monad member tinkerer
  • Drew just created an app for diggers, publishing free resources in sf freeprintshop
  • Thomas would like to be a member, artist, small buisness owner, works out of NB.
  • Wiley first meeting, has been coming for 6mo. like 3d printing
  • Jarrod one month, junior architect
  • Zephyr hacks on computers
  • Tayopa just visting because schools is on a break
  • Tom is the secretary