Meeting Notes 2013 01 08

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These are the notes from the The 248th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Danny.

Short announcements and events

  • Rails is vulnerable to remote code execution
  • Go get your amateur radio license
  • We should get a vinyl cutter, currently have pledges for $300. for $450, we can get a more awesome one
  • You should talk to Finny to get a Raspberry Pi
  • At 7pm on Feb 8, Cory Doctorow is doing a reading from Homeland at Borderlands
  • During the last two weeks, there were proto-meetings, at which people met, agreed not to paradoxically complete consensus, and adjourned

Membership Binder

  • Myk, week 1, no sponsors
  • James Cooper [JC], week 1, no sponsors
  • Alexandra Glowalski [Merlin], week 2, Tom, Jake Spaz, Snail
  • Justin linkreincarnate, week 2, Jake
  • Charles Cordig, week 4, no sponsors
  • Colin Anderson, week 4, ioerror, superq, Danny
  • Thomas LJ Harper, Week 5+, Danny

Financial Report

  • Funds in bank: $12581.67
  • Noisetor balance: ~$500

Consensus items

Proposals from previous weeks

  • Tom's proposal regarding mousetraps is blocked by Leif & Kelly
  • Snail's proposal that we will not agree on any consensus items on Christmas day and new year's day, resuming at our our Jan 8 meeting, is blocked by John
  • Regarding 2013 board and officer elections, the following is our consensus:

Nominations are now open for the 2013 board. On January 29th 2013, nominations will be frozen and we will begin the process of agreeing to that list of nominees by consensus. Once we have agreed on nominees for the 2013 board, the current board will announce our Annual General Membership Meeting. At the Annual General Membership Meeting, Leif will preside over an election of the 2013 board, by approval voting.

Proposals for next week

No new consensus items this week.

Discussion Notes

  • Myk: People asked to leave, have returned, including Chris and Andreas. Myk has not received backup when asking these people to leave. The room resolves almost unanimously to support Myk (or others) in future situations like these.
  • We are raising funds to buy a vinyl cutter. We currently have pledges for $300. for $450, we can get a more awesome one. Please talk to Casey to contribute.


  • Danny hacks on human rights, and babysits our broken scripts. [member]
  • Kelly is our treasurer, a neuroscientist, electronics-ist, and photographer. She lives in Boston. [member]
  • Mike is a technowanderer, not an ombudsman, quartermaster, or stock clerk. [member]
  • Barandon is computer engineer. [member]
  • Ryan is new to the bay area. He used to be a developer for the Air Force, and is now a student.
  • Monad is screwing around. [member]
  • John does stuff. [member]
  • Rob does maintenance, as well as basic linux, cryptography, and media-hacking.
  • Zak is pretty new to the bay area.
  • Felix is new, a rails developer, and German. He's in town for internship.
  • Josh is from new york, fresh from college where he got a marketing degree. He doesn't like marketing and wants to be a software engineer instead.
  • Simone is present.
  • Erin came to a meeting a few months ago.
  • Trav is a recent transplant from Vermont.
  • Rev. Myk is a worldbuilder, hacks on social issues, and hands out the "hey asshole" affidavits. [power user]
  • Seth is a 20 year veteran game developer who teaches game design at the Academy of Arts
  • Guy comes here every day to hack on AI. He's from France.
  • Leif likes decentralised append-only data structures other than bitcoin, and bitcoin [member]
  • Snail takes up space and eats burritos. [president, member]
  • Karl is from Chicago. He's a developer and an engineer.
  • Dan is a programmer, artist, and neuroscientist.
  • Thomas (not Tom) is an artist starting a 501(c)3 to help artists learn real-world skills to make a living with their work.
  • Giovanni is an electrical engineer lives in Berkeley.
  • Molly is an education hacker who teaches design at Stanford & General Assembly. She is currently obsessed with screen-printing and thinks we should get a vinyl cutter.
  • Casey is a quantum superposition of the cloud and vinyl cutters. [member]
  • Tom is bringing HTML5 to your handsets. The web is the platform.
  • Finny is not new, and does embedded C & assembly.