Meeting Notes 2013 02 05

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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!

Note-taker: Ken Haggerty Moderator: Danny O'Brien

These are the notes from the The 252nd Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: FIXME YOUR NAME HERE; Moderator: FIXME THEIR NAME HERE.

  • Today was a boring meeting.

Short announcements and events

  • Clock has disappeared from Pole 3(?)
  • Robert is taking break from NB :-( will be present once a month; will write what he does for NB so others can step up
  • Casey: Donate money for vinyl + vinyl cutter!
  • Art auction? Contact Dan! App hackathon? (whom to contact?)
  • Milo + Joe(?) are working on SEM; has been moved into the science room; email the list for info!

Membership Binder

  • Ka-Ping Yee (@zestyping Week 3. Sponsor: MCT.
  • Reverend Mik McAllister. Week 4. No sponsors. (not present)
  • James "JC" Cooper. Week 4. Sponsor: Danny. (not present)
  • Kevin Schiesser: Week 0!

Up for consideration:

  • Thomas Harper: Week 4. Carl sponsors! Also one other person (but forgetting name :S) (present!) - Added!

Financial Report

  • Kelly emailed further updates!
  • Funds in bank: Unknown! (not provided)
  • Noisetor balance: (what is this??)

Consensus items

Proposals from last week

  • FOIA Consensus Item (Tom) - Tom is not present; we will discuss next week and consent the week after.
  • 2013 Board Elections (General) - Holding off because 5 applicants for 5 slots.

Proposals for next week

  • FOIA discussion tabled to next week.
  • Board election discussion tabled to next week.

Discussion Notes

Board Elections

  • Danny nominates Ping and Jonathan Moore.
  • Someone nominates Rachel McConnell.
  • Adding Leif back in and will find a way not to make it a conflict of interest.
  • Someone nominated Jake Spaz and Jake Applebaum.
  • Danny nominates Robert!
  • Someone nominates Yan.
  • Danny nominates Thomas!
  • Someone nominates Casey.


  • Thought about proposing consensus proposal to solicit donations from companies and individuals but did not end up proposing.



  • Danny O'Brien
  • Ken
  • Felipe
  • Thomas: wants to quit day job, nonprofit for artistic youth to quit day job and be self supportive; also filming music video, casting for extras
  • Kevin: has been at NB for a couple of months; software hacking, learn data science, math, stats, hoping to become a member!
  • Max: JS in Oakland but hanging out in SF, lots of open source
  • Nicolo: Grad student in Wisconsin (visiting), working at subsidiary of 3d systems, visiting Max
  • Dan: NB for a few months, making himself home at NB & studying strange dynamics of NB hackerspace :-)
  • Carl: Has been at NB for a while, iPhone apps + timebanks (?) software, wants to start new open source project to take down FB
  • Robert: does stuff
  • Trav: silent radio station, fixed couch, online democracy
  • Josh: musical stuff
  • Monad: tinker
  • Ping: hanging out, programmer, 5mof, Chrome extension to liberate core documents (?)
  • Casey: vinyl cutter!