Meeting Notes 2013 02 12

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These are the notes from the The 253rd Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Ping.

  • We have agreed the slate for the 2013 Noisebridge board election.
  • It is our consensus that Ping is a member!

Short announcements and events

  • Adafruit is offering us bulk rates (normally 30% off) for orders over $250. They've also sent us a Raspberry Pi care package, and they're interested in sending other kits from time to time too!
  • Mischeif is holding a Plan 9 class. Join him!
  • Cryptoparty II: Enciphered Boogaloo is happening on March 23 at Langton Labs. Go sign up to learn or teach!
  • Miloh wants to take Noisebridge to Maker Faire this year, despite controversy.
  • Tom has started holding Noisebridge "office hours" on Tuesdays from 6pm until the meeting.
  • Workshop Weekend happens March 2 & 3 in Oakland. $40 for unlimited access to workshops all weekend.

Membership Binder

  • James "JC" Cooper. Week 4. Sponsor: Danny. (not present)
  • Nicholas "heatxsink" Granado. Week 1. No sponsors.
  • Kevin Schisser. Week 2. No sponsors.
  • Reverend Mik McAllister withdraws his application.
  • Ka-Ping Yee (@zestyping Week 3. Sponsors: MCT, Sai. It is our consensus that Ping is a member!

Financial Report

  • Funds in bank: 14486.89
  • Noisetor: current balance: $852.04

Consensus items

Proposals from last week

Proposals for next week

  • There were no new proposals this week.

Discussion Notes

  • Ryan was not available during the meeting. When we reached the discussion stage of the meeting, some folks said that they had seen him show up to the meeting late without introducing himself, but that he had already left. Since he was asked to leave and refused to comply, and was asked to come to a meeting but did not do so, we all agree that if any of us see Ryan, we will tell him to leave and not return.
  • Carl says that he will talk with with Lilly about not using Noisebridge in lieu of a place to live when he next sees her.
  • We then had the usual discussion about people using the space for undesirable purposes. Miloh emphasized the need for regular cleaning & maintenance of the space.


  • Carlos likes Go, the programming language.
  • Kevin likes to recycle e-waste & upcyce!
  • Mischeif likes Go too.
  • Zephyr has nothing against Go & likes Plan 9.
  • Eric is new, and was introduced by...
  • Lisha, who likes to hack everything, especially education. Also active with hacker moms, school factory, jigsaw renaissance, and GwoB.
  • Justin has overclocked his brain.
  • Monad likes knowledge.
  • Nick likes knowledge too.
  • Philippe does free software research.
  • Ken has been coming here for four weeks, and working on some objective c... then adroid!
  • Miloh is making an oscar nomination speech
  • Mike is a technowanderer not a quartermaster, stock clerk, ombudsman
  • Tom is trying to reform CFAA and oppose CISPA, as well as playing with a new Raspberry Pi.
  • Snail doesn't have anything clever to say
  • Ping is interested in open access disaster response & international development
  • Dan is relatively new