Meeting Notes 2013 02 26

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These are the notes from the The 255th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Danny.

Short announcements and events

  • Noisebridge board elections start today. If you're a member, contact Leif or Tom to vote.
  • Reverend Mik encourages you to beware the Ides of March, because that's when his new book, the first in the Sorcerer's Sanctuary series, is released
  • Naomi accidentally challenged someone to a coding diversity duel: Python vs Ruby. Join with her to bring coding to under-served communities!
  • James is planning a fund-raising benefit concert for Noisebridge on 29/30th March. Suggestions ensue!
  • Cryptoparty II: Enciphered Boogaloo is happening on March 23 at Langton Labs. Do you know someone who needs to learn these skills? Have them sign up! Have skills to share? There's a form for that too!
  • Mellow Beats and Boardgames is happening a Langton Labs this Thursday.

Membership Binder

  • James "JC" Cooper. Week 4+. Sponsors: Danny; Linkreincarnate.
  • Nick "heatxsink" Granado. Week 3. No sponsors.
  • Kevin Schisser. Week 3. No sponsors.
  • Joseph C Jackson. Week 2. No sponsors.

Financial Report

We have $14841.86 in the bank. We haven't paid rent yet; after rent, it'll be more like $11k. The treasurer gave an extended report, which the secretary did not take notes on. High points:

  • Spreadsheet with graphs of individual donations over the last few years.
  • State tax exemption situation has been long and roundabout but looks like it might be sorted out in the next few weeks, including a reactivation of our corporate status.
  • Federal IRS has decided we owe large fees. We are working with our CPA to sort this out.

Consensus items

There were no consensus items proposed or agreed this week.

Discussion Notes

Eviction: Junior

Danny re-iterated his post to noisebridge-discuss.

Eviction: Nicholas

Miloh reports than Nicholas was sleeping in the utility closet on a sleeping pad and with a pillow. Miloh asked him to leave; there were numerous excuses, but Nicholas eventually left. Mik corroborates this and adds that Nicholas returned on Sunday.

Space usage

We had our usual 20-minute discussion about


Members in bold.

  • Yan likes physics and Noisebridge, but not the warped colors on the projector
  • Liz is tired, and messes around in the library. She also dabbles in anarcho-feminist hacker hive.
  • Abraham has been here about six months and wants to become a member. He's working on Newhive, a blank canvas for web publishing.
  • Andrew is an interface designer and frontend developer.
  • Mek is an all-around brogrammer & likes open access.
  • Naomi has a new job as of tomorrow and does a lot of python. She's working on her streaming radio bullshit and can now request almost any song in the internet via Youtube.
  • Monad tinkers.
  • Reverend Mik hacks on social issues. His latest book is out soon!
  • Jade is not a member. She enjoys spending time here and learning how to hack.
  • Kyle is an architecture student; he likes space-hacking.
  • Jonathan is visiting from Phoenix and this is his second time here. He's a musician and writer, and hacks psychology.
  • Brandon is a computer engineer, and claims not to be a member.
  • Carlos writes Cobol and Pascal for fun and profit!
  • Tom runs one of our many cabals.
  • Snail doesn't do anything of consequence or get involved, she just pets the Drama Llama. She's also the president.
  • Leif is on hiatus, and has recently been working on an e-waste group.
  • Miloh has highly symbolic paper.
  • Dan is a member in bad standing. He's working with LEDs, and is soon to launch an Indiegogo campaign to bring blinkenlights in Noisebridge.
  • Danah is also working on blinkenlights which are thoroughly mesmerising. She should become a memeber.
  • James is here to coordinate music for a fundraiser.
  • Dan has been getting to know Noisebridge over the last couple of months, and spends a lot of time here.
  • Philippe works with free software research, audio/videos streaming, and GPG
  • Danny
  • MCT