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== [[ Consensus Items History | Proposals from last week ]] ==
== [[ Consensus Items History | Proposals from last week ]] ==
* [[User:Flamsmark|Tom]]: "We add a new plain HTML front page to the Noisebridge domain, to allow for a design more amenable to newcomers. The system for managing this content should have the property that a small number can push changes live, while many folks can produce designs and stage/suggest them."
''(Add any items which pass or are blocked to the [[Consensus Items History]] page.)''
** Decision to discuss & postpone consensus decision because [[User:Flamsmark|Tom]] is not present and, in contrast to last week, most people present are pro-MediaWiki
** [[User:Malaclyps|Danny]] has friends over at MediaWiki, so if there are things we need or don't like we should get in touch
** [[User:SuperQ|Ben]] has friends who may be able to rewrite MediaWiki in not-PHP
** Many present agree that their favorite language is not-PHP
** '''Images for MediaWiki should be SMALLER! ([[User:Kenhaggerty|Ken]] is dumb) since we pay to host large files!'''
** [[User:SuperQ|Ben]]: [[User:Dr_jesus|Dr. Jesus]] needs to stop pinging Noisebridge; claims 80% (90%?) of all visits to Noisebridge.net are from [[User:Dr_jesus|Dr. Jesus]] pinging us
** Proposed alternatives for image hosting:
*** [http://fuckyeahnoisebridge.tumblr.com fuckyeahnoisebridge] (Tumblr)
*** [http://www.flickr.com/groups/noisebridge Flickr Noisebridge group]
* Ken will make a wiki page to coordinate the Wiki redesign
== [[ Current Consensus Items | Proposals for next week ]] ==
== [[ Current Consensus Items | Proposals for next week ]] ==

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