Meeting Notes 2013 04 09

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These are the notes from the The 260th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Ken; Moderator: Leif.

Kyle explains what Noisebridge is. Ken explains consensus. Leif explains blocking.

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events


  • Kevin: Has questionnaires for his project studying Noisebridge! They are anonymous and 1 page long and about Noisebridge as a space. Results of the study will be shared openly on the Noisebridge Wiki
  • Danny: Will hold "Noisebridge 101" classes, mainly on Mondays at 6:00pm for 1 hour, starting soon! Stop by to learn more about Noisebridge and its history and culture and operating style and tools / resources.


Membership Binder

  • Richard Bottoms (Week 1): no sponsors
  • Joseph Edward Martin (Week 2) – No sponsors
  • Sai (Week 3) - 1 sponsor (Danny)
  • Nick Shapiro (Week 2) - 1 sponsor (Carl); last week I think Miloh also offered to sponsor, but no signature on form

Financial Report

  • Danny wrote a Python script to go through and parse all of our transactions into a spreadsheet and sum total
    • (obvious violation of's TOS and he is a naughty criminal according to CFAA)
  • Funds in bank: $20,112.92, hoorah!
  • We need to pay May rent, but April rent has been paid!
  • Our 3 month operating budget is $18K, so let's still aim to get our reserve fund up to that
  • Recurring monthly donations are now at a sustainable level
  • We did not discuss Noisetor finances.

Consensus items

Proposals from last week

(Add any items which pass or are blocked to the Consensus Items History page.)

Proposals for next week

(Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Discussion Notes

Hell's Cargo (i.e., Wells Fargo)

  • Kevin: Currently Noisebridge's bank account is Hell's Cargo, which is an evil bank. Let's switch to something less evil, like a local credit union. Maybe San Francisco Fire Credit Union? They have an education business account(?) and pay 2.5% interest and invest locally.
    • Why do we have Hell's Cargo…? Apparently last time Noisebridge proposed a switch away we didn't because it's just a bit of a pain, and a few people had direct deposits set up into our account.
    • Danny: People have pledged to donate so long as we switch from PayPal
    • Ben: SFFireCU has terrible IT but great customer service, while most banks have decent IT but terrible customer while their tech is bad, at least they will fix it?
    • Additional credit union suggestions: Self-Pay (Danny), Redwood Credit Union (Dan #2)
  • General consensus seems to be in favor of at least creating a new account with SFFireCU and keeping the Hell's Cargo account until it is obsolete.
  • Someone (Danny? Leif?) will write a consensus proposal for next week's meeting


  • Leif: Has been here for quite a while; currently interested in tahoe-lafs; started tahoe grid with tor hidden services
  • Angel: New to Noisebridge; does graphic design, video; wants to get more into coding
  • J.C.: Does hacking in general; working on creating more hackerspace in the North Bay
  • Joe Black: Does security, Unix, web development; first heard of Noisebridge via Mitch; has been here a couple months
  • Nick Shapiro: Makes games; is hiring!
  • Kyle: Architecture student studying Noisebridge as a community and as a space; has been here for a few months
  • Dan: Does any programming, web services, ...
  • Dan #2: Has been coming for few months; first heard of Noisebridge via a radio interview with Mitch a few years ago; has been programming so long that he is temporarily bored with it, but still gets his hands dirty with code
  • Dana: Likes to work on LED stuff; is today working on wearable electronics
  • Kevin: Has been coming for a couple months as well; does a bunch of things on the computer; works in the wood shop every once in a while; also works in kitchen; is doing well
  • Danny: Has been coming to Noisebridge for 3-4 years; thinks a lot and tries to write about technological culture
  • Ken: Is taking notes
  • Joe: Third time here; has known about Noisebridge an embarrassingly long time but lived in Mountain View so he went to Hacker Dojo instead; tricked into being a computer guy; writes code, looking to build a stove
  • Rupert: Visting from Montreal (greetings from FooLab!); first time at Noisebridge but has known about Noisebridge for a long time (we're pretty famous :p); glad to be here and see what's going on; does hardware and software and woodshop
  • Luke: Also visiting from Montreal; Noisebridge is impressive, enjoys it very much; into computer vision and machine learning
  • Lassl: Visiting from Norway! Here for 3 days; came to Noisebridge today because he was looking for fruit but saw the Noisebridge banner and went in; electrical engineer but got bored of organized 90 degree lines, so he started doing graphic design and font and web development