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== [[ Current Consensus Items | Proposals for next week ]] ==
== [[ Current Consensus Items | Proposals for next week ]] ==
''(Add any new items for consensus to the [[Current Consensus Items]] page.)''
* [[User:Leif|Leif]] is writing one new consensus proposal regarding creating a new account at SFFireCU.
= Discussion Notes =
= Discussion Notes =

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These are the notes from the The 260th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Ken; Moderator: Leif.

Kyle explains what Noisebridge is. Ken explains consensus. Leif explains blocking.

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events


  • Kevin: Has questionnaires for his project studying Noisebridge! They are anonymous and 1 page long and about Noisebridge as a space. Results of the study will be shared openly on the Noisebridge Wiki
  • Danny: Will hold "Noisebridge 101" classes, mainly on Mondays at 6:00pm for 1 hour, starting soon! Stop by to learn more about Noisebridge and its history and culture and operating style and tools / resources.


Membership Binder

  • Richard Bottoms (Week 1): no sponsors
  • Joseph Edward Martin (Week 2) – No sponsors
  • Sai (Week 3) - 1 sponsor (Danny)
  • Nick Shapiro (Week 2) - 1 sponsor (Carl); last week I think Miloh also offered to sponsor, but no signature on form

Financial Report

  • Danny wrote a Python script to go through Mint.com and parse all of our transactions into a spreadsheet and sum total
    • (obvious violation of Mint.com's TOS and he is a naughty criminal according to CFAA)
  • Funds in bank: $20,112.92, hoorah!
  • We need to pay May rent, but April rent has been paid!
  • Our 3 month operating budget is $18K, so let's still aim to get our reserve fund up to that
  • Recurring monthly donations are now at a sustainable level
  • We did not discuss Noisetor finances.

Consensus items

Proposals from last week

  • Tom: "We add a new plain HTML front page to the Noisebridge domain, to allow for a design more amenable to newcomers. The system for managing this content should have the property that a small number can push changes live, while many folks can produce designs and stage/suggest them."
    • Decision to discuss & postpone consensus decision because Tom is not present and, in contrast to last week, most people present are pro-MediaWiki
    • Danny has friends over at MediaWiki, so if there are things we need or don't like we should get in touch
    • Ben has friends who may be able to rewrite MediaWiki in not-PHP
    • Many present agree that their favorite language is not-PHP
    • Images for MediaWiki should be SMALLER! (Ken is dumb) since we pay to host large files!
    • Ben: Dr. Jesus needs to stop pinging Noisebridge; claims 80% (90%?) of all visits to Noisebridge.net are from Dr. Jesus pinging us
    • Proposed alternatives for image hosting:
  • Ken will make a wiki page to coordinate the Wiki redesign

Proposals for next week

  • Leif is writing one new consensus proposal regarding creating a new account at SFFireCU.

Discussion Notes

Hell's Cargo (i.e., Wells Fargo)

  • Kevin: Currently Noisebridge's bank account is Hell's Cargo, which is an evil bank. Let's switch to something less evil, like a local credit union. Maybe San Francisco Fire Credit Union? They have an education business account(?) and pay 2.5% interest and invest locally.
    • Why do we have Hell's Cargo…? Apparently last time Noisebridge proposed a switch away we didn't because it's just a bit of a pain, and a few people had direct deposits set up into our account.
    • Danny: People have pledged to donate so long as we switch from PayPal
    • Ben: SFFireCU has terrible IT but great customer service, while most banks have decent IT but terrible customer service...so while their tech is bad, at least they will fix it?
    • Additional credit union suggestions: Self-Pay (Danny), Redwood Credit Union (Dan #2)
  • General consensus seems to be in favor of at least creating a new account with SFFireCU and keeping the Hell's Cargo account until it is obsolete.
  • Someone (Danny? Leif?) will write a consensus proposal for next week's meeting


  • Leif: Has been here for quite a while; currently interested in tahoe-lafs; started tahoe grid with tor hidden services
  • Angel: New to Noisebridge; does graphic design, video; wants to get more into coding
  • J.C.: Does hacking in general; working on creating more hackerspace in the North Bay
  • Joe Black: Does security, Unix, web development; first heard of Noisebridge via Mitch; has been here a couple months
  • Nick Shapiro: Makes games; is hiring!
  • Kyle: Architecture student studying Noisebridge as a community and as a space; has been here for a few months
  • Dan: Does any programming, web services, ...
  • Dan #2: Has been coming for few months; first heard of Noisebridge via a radio interview with Mitch a few years ago; has been programming so long that he is temporarily bored with it, but still gets his hands dirty with code
  • Dana: Likes to work on LED stuff; is today working on wearable electronics
  • Kevin: Has been coming for a couple months as well; does a bunch of things on the computer; works in the wood shop every once in a while; also works in kitchen; is doing well
  • Danny: Has been coming to Noisebridge for 3-4 years; thinks a lot and tries to write about technological culture
  • Ken: Is taking notes
  • Joe: Third time here; has known about Noisebridge an embarrassingly long time but lived in Mountain View so he went to Hacker Dojo instead; tricked into being a computer guy; writes code, looking to build a stove
  • Rupert: Visting from Montreal (greetings from FooLab!); first time at Noisebridge but has known about Noisebridge for a long time (we're pretty famous :p); glad to be here and see what's going on; does hardware and software and woodshop
  • Luke: Also visiting from Montreal; Noisebridge is impressive, enjoys it very much; into computer vision and machine learning
  • Lassl: Visiting from Norway! Here for 3 days; came to Noisebridge today because he was looking for fruit but saw the Noisebridge banner and went in; electrical engineer but got bored of organized 90 degree lines, so he started doing graphic design and font and web development