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* Mischief "maker", likes go and plan9.  
* Mischief "maker", likes go and plan9.  
* Carlos - Writes to the core of perl, hates C++
* Carlos - Writes to the core of perl, hates C++
* Zephyr - consult(noisebridge); ?- noisebridge(finalsolution, X); ?- No fixed point found for X; ?- false
* Zephyr
  consult(noisebridge); ?- noisebridge(finalsolution, X); ?- No fixed point found for X; ?- false
* Johnny Radio showed up late
* Johnny Radio showed up late
* leif - Why is the NSA so cagey about internal documents? they don't have anything to hide do they? (No smoke without fire they say!)
* leif - Why is the NSA so cagey about internal documents? they don't have anything to hide do they? (No smoke without fire they say!)

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These meeting notes are done in an interpretive style that may offend some with heartfelt programming language sensibilities. Welcome to our Hallowed 266th Noisebridge Task force

About Noisebridge

We consense on decisions in order ot determine where we go next. Many (largely powerless) roles here which I have elected not to enumerate here.

To my disappointment, our moderator has decided not to employ any "unusual" techniques.

Round of introductions

  • crhis, not a hacker but doesn't know hwhat a hacker is. Zen approach to hacking here.
  • JC: Hardhat hacker. Not a wrapper.
  • Martin, everbody. Explains badass TRS-80
  • Matt is also wearing a hardhat. Thats him in a nuthsell.
  • Mike - Very seriously thinking about leaving and resigning. Starting his own space. Unfortunatley doesn't find the kind of questions useful. Doesn't answer his quesitons. A difference of style he says. Unfortunately doesn't see a resolution.
  • Shawnda -- Here because of our friend and colleague Praveen.
  • Monad sees what Mike's saying, finds there is no consensus. Also doesn't know what a hacker is, fooling around.
  • Drew is here and was a hacker before it was cool.
  • Jared is morderating and is a junior architect.
  • Carl is here.
  • Doug, slave to bathroom.
  • Rhodie eating gum.
  • Dan is recursive but our contemporary (hermetic) scientists have concluded he cannot be tail call optimized.
  • Kevin has been coming alot and is also good.
  • Joy is interested in taking care of the space.
  • Daniel is new and is intereted in figuring out what he can do to help, would like to learn to be a hacker.
  • James, new member, likes noisebridge.
  • Mischief "maker", likes go and plan9.
  • Carlos - Writes to the core of perl, hates C++
  • Zephyr
 consult(noisebridge); ?- noisebridge(finalsolution, X); ?- No fixed point found for X; ?- false
  • Johnny Radio showed up late
  • leif - Why is the NSA so cagey about internal documents? they don't have anything to hide do they? (No smoke without fire they say!)

New Events

Suggestion from joy -- Helping fundraising by donating to the community through STORE (Community thtrift, takes in second hand goods). (Appears to be website for easily taking donations by registering with Community Thrift store, we could generate additional funds by having people choose to donate money to Noisebridge through the sale of second hand items.).

JC suggests BACH (Bay Area consortium of Hackerspaces_ is meeting here, talking about spreading more hackerspaces in the Bay area.

Mischief is working on building a 68k computer. Though some sort of cosmic accident and/or traumatic head injury, he is going to run homebrew rather than CP/M.

Noisebridge rebase+reboot cum IEEE working group has had it's first meeting today, and will recur at Noisebridge every tuesday at 6:00 PM. Would enjoy people coming to it and bringing therir ideas. We should have a mailing list and a wiki, working under a consensus based process and will respond to the meeting (tis group) with a document outline the plans and restrictions of moving rebuilding noisebridge. We will hear more.

James has a differnet understanding of the topic, "We are braingstorming and laying out a rebased concept of remaking noisebridge". Encourages people to show up at the 6:00 PM meeting (On Tuesdays) with an end goal of submitting a proposal to the Noisebridge meeting. "If we can't agree amongst ourselves, it doesn't make sense to seek consensus".

Also worth noting that the topic of next meetings reboot is "Culture", as well as people's ideas.


Nike D'anda - Not present

Jeff Arnold -- 4th week, not hear, here last week and according to lief says they will become members if they hang out.

Vincnet Smith -- 4 checkmarks, not here

Richard Bottoms - 4 checkmarks, not here

Financial Report

34, 533$


Consensus items

Mitch suggests we purchase 300 small and large stickers from stickergiants at the cost of 775.00$ as well as 133 T-Shirts for 989.00 (People believe this has been consensed on, crowd demands best 2/3 rematch.)

Discussion on his proposal:

Kevin wants "People's Republic Of Noisebridge" TShirts. (Editorial from the notetaker: While cool, these shirts have been produced "off the grid" and as such if you don't have one, you are probably out of luck. Conversely, if you do have one, hold on to it as it will no doubt soon become a treasured collectors item fetching enormous sums on online auction sites)

Crowd concludes Mitch hates (tshirt) freedom on the mailing list (Allegations of Bikeshedding mentioned).

Oxyclean is known to clean black shirts well.

Johnny Radio is curious about how many dollars worth of tshirts have been stolen. Experts on the subject (Leif) estimate this number to be in the same order of magnitude of the NSLs served to Google in 2012.

Tshirt theft sucks but we have consensed. I am powerless before these giants.

It shall be done for a total cost of 1764.00

Other Proposals for next weeks meeting

From Johnny we have a proposal for a monthly or yearly budget (to be distributed monthly) to purchase electronics components.

Carlos asks what sort of electronics components.

Johnny radio suggests electronic base components (registers, capacitors and so on)

Carlos asks, always playing the devils^H^H^H^H NSA advocate, "Don't we have too many"

The technical details of lacking components surface.

Discussion of incomplete organization effort ensues. Community agres that it is tough to find components.

Carlos suggests that for money to be allocated here, we must first perform a survey of our existing supplies.

Monad suggestions "With all that stuff, won't it end up being used for particular purposes rather than general use?"

"There are so many sizes and kinds of components that it makes a comprehensive stock up difficult"

Johnny responds "What componets somebody needs this month will vary from what we need next month"

He reponds to Carlos's statement with the notion that we continue to periodically update our understanding of our existing supplies so that we are never e-broke. Concisely. We won't have a list of what we need, it will change

JC says "If we're running out of stuff every week, maybe we should get them from radio shack. Concerning consumables we should stock solder and other related basic items." The structure at this point is not known.

Rhodies: Agrees in principle and agrees with the difficulty of identifying ongoing electronics component usage patterns, we should keep anongoing ledger. Wants to minimize waiting time for components for a given user. Agrees with the idea that we should stock our basic materials such as Solder, belives it to be within our non-broke budget.

Carlos regales us with a into a story of how Noisebridge came to be the way it is..... People are going to ask for resources, but they are hard to find. Still contends that we should get an idea of what we have so we can make better assessments. Knows the story of the long and protracted blocks on buying things, explains that stuff still gets donated (Solder Stations and Irons for example). (Notetakers poignant notes: Forgive my irratic use of capitalization, my mental condition has grown increasingly unstable as I open up terrifying vistas of reality behind the ancient cosmic cycles of forbidden learning contained in "The Art of Prolog Programming")

Monad suggests that we should consider our alternative building communities. Disorganization is a problem.

James says "It would be nice to track things we are out of. If we are or not, it would still be good to have a simple way, maybe a sheet by the door with things like 'I couldn't find a soldering iron'"

JC chimes in "We have a whiteboard"

James "We have these things, we need to find out our specific persons problems"

Kevins suggests having a list that people write on when the donate to noisebridge by taking noisebridge logs.

Johnny says he put a list on the wall, found some peoples things. Requiring documentation is tough (this is true), borders on unreasonable. Believes that if all of the people are in agreement that if we agree to use these electronics then if we are short on 100mf capacitors we should get some more, we are not going to require you to document everything here to save 5$.

Mischief: "There is another component list on Google drive that documents a small collection of parts as well as links to manuals, maybe expanding that would be the best. Don't know if this is on the wiki"

Carlos: "Just to add, that's why the Rebase time exists (To discuss these potentially huge items), This has happened" (Come back Rayce!) "A lot of people are doing electronics here, even the people of CHM could help us here".

James will stick a thing on the door "Will you find everything you needed".

JC: "Related topic, wa slooking around the wiki, found old pool electronics order, found it was out of date. Subtle request to bring those up to date, mybae johnny could revive these as a means to express interest in the space"

Rhodie: Would like to state general support for wiki. Sisyphus thought this too. Rhodie would like to stress the difficulty of finding a particular component, in addition to searching for the data sheet, we have to correlate the component MFID with the chip IC. It could take 7 inutes to chracterize a particular component. As much effort as we can should be done to inventory but it shouldn't supercede rationality"

Johnny has spent many hours cataloguing what we have, admits it is a huge effort, Thinks that there are ongoing day to day activities doing electronics that are held up by the lack of these components. Would like this to be done independently of a complete revampl.

Monad comments that the spac, with all the organization that people do, the problem is the chaos of the space. Things are not already nice so that are not accessible. Can't find tools (This is indeed a real problem), it's like coming off the street. You have to conduct strip mining in order to find anything.

Ted Kaczynski: Verbal agreement not to block this commendable effort, hopes the leftist socialization and their sympathizer's machinations don't undermine this plan for e-justice. People believe that we should use our existing components.

Rhodie: We shoudl try to revive the wiki pages. People unfamilar with the space are going to be most comfortable being introduced to the space through the wiki.

Low monthly expenditure, this doesn't need consensus. We should just do this says crowd.

Leif suggests that having a 10-20$/mn regular expenditure is a good idea.

%s/Leif/Lief/g (what happened here??)

Johnny asks "If we have 5 bucks left, we should establish a first come first serve"

Monad believes this provokes an access issue.

Martin says that we s"it could be decided by just a piece of paper with requests, this piece of paper could be read aloutd at a meeting for people to decide in a collective fashion". This is a recipe for complete disaster says your notetaker.

Monad discusses the inaccesability of certain shop parts.

The problem with organization is the chaotic capitalist roaders (Notetaker interjection)

Johnny wants very much to have better organization. If the condition of 10-20$/mn is not tough for noisebridge, we need a system.

JC would like to table this, maybe we should just take a box. Immediate, consensusless project could be done today.

Johnny won't put it up for consensus. Martin syas this has been discussed before, alot. Maybe we can remedy these things. There ahve been many solutions proposed such as tethering, but this has been found to be restricted. Doesn't know where he's going with this. IT ahs been talked about alot. The RFID reader could be tags on things. (Instead of just people!) . Monad says if we need to hvae a switch he doesn't even know where to look. Points out that ancient arcane knowledge is required to find anything at noisebridge. THis is problematic.

We will continue to plan an alternative solution outside the meeting, apologizes for the time consuming discussion (even though he is not at fault. good guy noiesbridge member meme)

JC has a carryover for reboot rebase, short version ahs been discussed earlier. however...

(120 WPM, . no TIOCSTI bot here!!!! 11337133713371337337)

Johnny proposes an issue for discussion here.

Would like to request on background on why he was asked to come back.

Dan just hacked a fucking awesome c64 demo in front of my own eyes this is awesome.

Back to Dan. Dan would like to participate, but he promises to be a more productiove member of noisebridge.

Leif -- as one of the people who told him not to spend every day here, I back this.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Noisebridge this is over. hg commit!!!