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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
Don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.

These are the notes from the The 271st Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Naomi; Moderator: JC.

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events

  • jarred: in Rebase mtg, we decided to remove a lot of debris. Call for help, awareness that we're going to be
  • leif: michael shouldn't be at the meeting w/o giving advance notice. mike believes he did, but nobody else seems to have gotten the email.
  • * mike's lawyer (ACLU?): "amend your ways" threatened to sue NB and Leif unless we "change our system". Leif wants the record to show that he told them to "get the fuck out."
  • dana: on Thu 7 o'clock we're doing a workshop on ROASTING COFFEE.
  • JC on behalf of Merlin: bike light workshop this Sunday.
  • Martin: Noise Jam was this past weekend and it was awesome.
  • RED SHIRTS NEEDED at Noisebridge for Tuesday and Saturday nights.

Membership Binder

  • Wade Ainsbury - has also been asked to leave. He HAD one sponsor, presently has none.

Financial Report

Consensus items

  • Josh wonders if we would consider amending the membership process w.r.t. people who've been asked to leave the space.
    • Discussion quickly reaches conclusion that this policy would be redundant since we already consense on membership.

Proposals from last week

  • Jake wrote to list wanting door access discussed.
    • Casey and Josh say they will advocate for Jake.
    • However no real discussion emerges.
  • Leif's just going ahead and putting a time constraint on use of door codes, doorbell. Let's keep experimenting.

Proposals for next week

  • We'll probably talk about the door codes thing some more.

Discussion Notes

Things to be Repaired

LaserCutter Repairs

  • RetinaEngrave USB Laser Engraving Processor This is a USB Microcontroller - you have to order it from the manufacturer. It was reported to me that this needs to be replaced. It looks like it will cost $449 at the least. Reported to me that this was what needed to be replaced on the lasercutter

Vinyl Cutter

  • Someone told me on the floor that the vinyl cutter is broken and a blade needs to be replaced.


  • leif - member on hiatus, work on privacy/security
  • josh - 68k emulation, wrote Noisegate, heard about NB
  • tayopa - Maker Faire - Rolf said it was "very important" that she make a call on the payphone.
  • guillaume - curious about orgs with alternative structures
  • dana - heard about NB from NYC Resistor at Maker Faire. E-textiles and LEDs!
  • justin - TDCS, 3d-printing, web dev
  • dan - been at NB for 6-7 months. programmer, interested in things and helping.
  • v - became aware of NB through Bradley Manning demos in 2010. tries to keep the place tidy.
  • douglas - we used to borrow your internet over at Station 40. started hanging out here a few weeks ago.
  • michael - bike trailer that converts into a suitcase.
  • rev mik - designing furniture for alien species. heard about NB from his web admin.
  • scott - heard about NB years ago when Mitch was on KQED years ago. came for the soldering course, stayed for the woodshop.
  • aaron - first time here. Friend told him about it.
  • jin - activist. City College sustainable development. working on Bradley Manning posters.
  • dru - mobiles, especially Android. heard about it from Homes Not Jails.
  • Ronney - costumes, learning to code..
  •  ?? - alchemist? wood and metal, fire and energy
  • Alex - video game programming class on Mondays. heard about it from Jake Appelbaum years ago.
  • Low - heard about NB from Cafe Mediterraneum, something about festivals. Been here about 7 days.
  • Yan - astrophysics, HTTPS Everywhere! CAme b/c someone opened the door so she went in.
  • Carl - learned about NB years ago, coffee shop word of mouth. Interested in identity and encryption.
  • zephyr - TRS-80 / Chasm. "Once you get beyond BASIC it's awesome." heard about NB on IRC.
  • Martin - electronic music and circuits. heard about NB from Jake (spaz)
  • mct - is looking for a 20-pin header at the moment.
  • adrian - open source wireless, Linux drivers. "hackerspaces are incestuous."
  • jarred - heard about NB from someone at architecture school.
  • naomi - came to NB for a party hosted by Asheesh Laroia. Doing a lot of things.
  • carlos - Commodore 64, Go.
  • carlo - Ireland/SF nomad. activist. interested in web pages, learning to program.
  • mischief - I like to write Go. uncle brought him here for 5MoF a few years ago.
  • JC - heard of it from a friend, traveled around visiting other hackerspaces.
  • henry - heard about it from various hackers throughout the years. activist.
  • ramon - linux, python, other things.
  • casey - is fixing the laser cutter.

Ex-marine delivers monologue about how shit is fucked up and bullshit (paraphrased). Reminds us to avoid tearing each other apart in the midst of a civil war.