Meeting Notes 2013 06 25

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These are the notes from the The 271st Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Naomi; Moderator: JC.

  • Drama, drama, a couple of interesting things, more drama, and a monologue.

Short announcements and events

  • jarrod: in Rebase mtg, we decided to remove a lot of debris. Call for help, awareness that there will be some massive shifts of mass around here.
  • leif: michael shouldn't be at the meeting w/o giving advance notice. mike believes he did, but nobody else seems to have gotten the email.
    • mike's lawyer (ACLU?) comes in aggressively, shouting "amend your ways" and threatening to sue NB and Leif for "defamation of character" unless we "change our system". Leif wants the record to show that he told them to "get the fuck out."
  • dana: on Thu 7 o'clock we're doing a workshop on ROASTING COFFEE.
  • JC on behalf of Merlin: bike light workshop this Sunday.
  • Martin: Noise Jam was this past weekend and it was awesome.
  • RED SHIRTS NEEDED at Noisebridge for Tuesday and Saturday nights.

Membership Binder

  • Wade Ainsbury - has also been asked to leave. He HAD one sponsor, presently has none.

Financial Report

Consensus items

  • Josh wonders if we would consider amending the membership process w.r.t. people who've been asked to leave the space.
    • Discussion quickly reaches conclusion that this policy would be redundant since we already consense on membership.

Proposals from last week

  • Jake wrote to list wanting door access discussed.
    • Casey and Josh say they will advocate for Jake.
    • However no real discussion emerges.
  • Leif's just going ahead and putting a time constraint on use of door codes, doorbell. Let's keep experimenting.

Proposals for next week

  • We'll probably talk about the door codes thing some more.

Discussion Notes

Things to be Repaired

LaserCutter Repairs

  • RetinaEngrave USB Laser Engraving Processor This is a USB Microcontroller - you have to order it from the manufacturer. It was reported to me that this needs to be replaced. It looks like it will cost $449 at the least. Reported to me that this was what needed to be replaced on the lasercutter

Vinyl Cutter

  • Someone told me on the floor that the vinyl cutter is broken and a blade needs to be replaced.


  • Dan: jin was asked to leave (but is here):
    • Bunch of luggage and a tent was pitched in Church classroom (turns out that was by Wade).
    • Dan tried to impress upon jin the importance of maintaining the space.
    • Jin says there was a communication error.
    • mik affirms that jin had offered to help, and Dan just kept yelling.
    • jarrod: when jin was asked to leave, he did so respectfully and said he'd come to the meeting.
    • jin felt threatened by Dan and mentioned he had ACLU lawyers.
    • Leif (to Jin): can you just leave, and not come back? (asserting inappropriateness of threatening legal action)
    • Dan: is concerned Jin will convince "impressionable youth like Ramon" to "do some script kiddie stuff". Accuses Jin of encouraging use of AnonOps.
    • Leif notices that legal document refers to a place called "Moisebridge" so we should stop talking about this.
    • Casey thinks we need mediation.
    • Dan is asked how many times he has been in mediation. He said, "just this one". Turns out he was just IN mediation with another guy (mediated by James), an ex-Marine who is still pretty pissed off with Dan (and says so).
    • Leif proposes that Dan and Jin both take a break from the space and get a neutral mediator to work things out.
    • Alex Peake volunteers to mediate since he doesn't really know either of them personally.
    • BOTH Dan and Jin asked to leave, invited to discuss with Alex.
  • Dan: has asked Wade to leave. Would like people to get to know Low, but also asked him to leave:
    • Low had a bedroll with him. Dan said it was not a place for sleeping but a good place to leave. Dan noticed Low spending a lot of time at NB. Suspected that Low was just taking stuff (router, notebook...).
    • Dan let Low in, so feels responsible for his behavior.
    • Low: "I didn't know what the rules were." Didn't think he was hanging out here too much. "There were periods of time where I would take a rest and stuff." Expressed ambivalence about how much time he as spending here. Sounds like he has been hacking on things that were in ambiguous piles.
  • dru: is stepping down from the "docent" position, and will not be hosting the Android dev meetings. But will still attend post-waste nexus and general meetings.
  • Martin: robbie - guy with the tattoos. The white power thing is "most unexcellent" and if he's NOT a skinhead he could make the effort to change his appearance. This could send an intolerant message to the wider community.
  • Leif: (re: door access) The problem of how easy it is to get in is separate from the problem of how we deal with people we don't want. So let's not conflate them. We should deploy explicitly short-term codes that work for a week (say).


Intro question: how did you hear about / end up at Noisebridge?

  • leif - member on hiatus, work on privacy/security
  • josh - 68k emulation, wrote Noisegate, heard about NB
  • tayopa - Maker Faire - Rolf said it was "very important" that she make a call on the payphone.
  • guillaume - curious about orgs with alternative structures
  • dana - heard about NB from NYC Resistor at Maker Faire. E-textiles and LEDs!
  • justin - TDCS, 3d-printing, web dev
  • dan - been at NB for 6-7 months. programmer, interested in things and helping.
  • v - became aware of NB through Bradley Manning demos in 2010. tries to keep the place tidy.
  • douglas - we used to borrow your internet over at Station 40. started hanging out here a few weeks ago.
  • michael - bike trailer that converts into a suitcase.
  • rev mik - designing furniture for alien species. heard about NB from his web admin.
  • scott - heard about NB years ago when Mitch was on KQED years ago. came for the soldering course, stayed for the woodshop.
  • aaron - first time here. Friend told him about it.
  • jin - activist. City College sustainable development. working on Bradley Manning posters.
  • dru - mobiles, especially Android. heard about it from Homes Not Jails.
  • Ronney - costumes, learning to code..
  • ?? - alchemist? wood and metal, fire and energy
  • Alex - video game programming class on Mondays. heard about it from Jake Appelbaum years ago.
  • Low - heard about NB from Cafe Mediterraneum, something about festivals. Been here about 7 days.
  • Yan - astrophysics, HTTPS Everywhere! CAme b/c someone opened the door so she went in.
  • Carl - learned about NB years ago, coffee shop word of mouth. Interested in identity and encryption.
  • zephyr - TRS-80 / Chasm. "Once you get beyond BASIC it's awesome." heard about NB on IRC.
  • Martin - electronic music and circuits. heard about NB from Jake (spaz)
  • mct - is looking for a 20-pin header at the moment.
  • adrian - open source wireless, Linux drivers. "hackerspaces are incestuous."
  • jarrod - heard about NB from someone at architecture school.
  • naomi - came to NB for a party hosted by Asheesh Laroia. Doing a lot of things.
  • carlos - Commodore 64, Go.
  • carlo - Ireland/SF nomad. activist. interested in web pages, learning to program.
  • mischief - I like to write Go. uncle brought him here for 5MoF a few years ago.
  • JC - heard of it from a friend, traveled around visiting other hackerspaces.
  • henry - heard about it from various hackers throughout the years. activist.
  • ramon - linux, python, other things.
  • casey - is fixing the laser cutter.

Ex-marine (name??) delivers monologue about how shit is fucked up and bullshit (paraphrased). Reminds us to avoid tearing each other apart in the midst of a civil war.