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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
Don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.

These are the notes from the The 282nd Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Nick; Moderator: Jarrod.

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Noisebridge ticketing system update.
  • Dump run on Thursday September 19th, early morning. Please gather non-recyclable non-ewaste debris by the elevator by Wednesday night. Confirmed with Monad.
  • Adam and Monad are launching a daily evening activities cycle! Circuit hacking Mondays, T-Shirt Tuesdays, beginner coding Wednesdays and more planned! Bring a shirt next tuesday :)
  • More support brewing for engineering Thursdays! 3Dprinting, sewing, woodshop, fabrication, etc! Come this Thursday and learn more.
  • One of the 3D printers is working now! They have to be set up to a computer but pretty much working. That's pretty rad.
  • Poly keyboards inc, just starting up with crowdfunding campaigns. Show and tell on! " If any of you are social networking types and would be interested in liking Poly keyboards on facebook, that would be awesome "
  • The Noisebridge ios app is coming along smoothly! Expect to see a fresh app on the apple store courtesy of Ryan and crew in a few weeks :)
  • Non-recyclable non E-waste debris is being collected in the space. Make a contribution to clear space of debris by Wednesday night next week!

Membership Binder [edit]

  • The name of the applicant, the week of their application, and their sponsors.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: 30,000.00+
  • Noisetor: 6,000.00 of the above

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

Harvey has been banned from Noisebridge

Chris aka Raging Bull has been banned Noisebridge

Request of Drew's ban/ temporary removal from space has been blocked (extended..?)

Proposals discussed this week[edit]

  • Proposal for Harvey’s removal of the space comes to consensus. If it was a fighting game, it would've went like this:

Opening combo attack from Harvey denying theft claims!

Counter evidence from Adam describing how he's stolen right off his desk and been discovered with the items, it’s super effective!

J.C. inquiry, requests proof of thief claims!

Evidence ultra combo of multiple situations and violations from Adam!! Assist from Robert, Ryan, Russel!

K.O. attempt from Robert! Missing Noisebridge tools were recovered among Harvey's things!

Harvey defends with he didn't know that the things near Adam's desk were his! Defend negated; They were literally well on his desk, and Adam point blank told Harvey not to touch his things! "[Harvey:] Well.. that was after.. "

Finish him!!

Evidence hyper K.O.!! Perma ban issued from Noisebridge hacker space!

[Harvey is no longer allowed in the space. Has admitted to stealing, was caught sleeping in the stairwell on many occassions, returned items that belonged to multiple residents of Noisebridge. Was seen and accounted for by multiple members of Noisebridge to be digging in other people's belongings. Many tools and properties of Noisebridge were found among Harvey's things.]

  • Proposal from Ryan that Chris aka Raging Bull be banned after physically assaulting another Noisebridge member via sucker punch. That's not cool, man. Proposal reaches consensus, and Raging Bull gets socked by the ban hammer!

- It was noted by Ryan that although cases of physical attacks on other members are near-unquestionably going to lead to a ban, it is still important to discuss those topics.

[paraphrased proposal conversation]

  • Cynthia: I propose people should reveal their financial conflicts of interests during community discussion. If people work on projects and collaborate with others with plans to take it to market, and their team members are not aware, they should reveal their intentions that they have a conflict of interest so their partner's works aren't commercialized without their consent or stolen. Be aware- very many projects are being looked at.

Tom: Getting Noisebridge to allocate it’s money in some way to further your own financial interests is unethical, and most people agree it's unethical. It doesn’t really need consensus. If someone really wanted to come in and listen to ideas and pick the best one, a consensus that they need to say they're trying to do so wouldn't stop them. Besides that, when many people claim that someone has "stolen their idea", they're generally saying that someone worked and implemented an idea that they did not. -The proposal was declined.

  • [ large paraphrased proposal conversation!

Pidgeon proposes to ban Drew from Noisebridge until accusations of sexual assault against him have reached a consensus, so that he does not jeopardize Noisebridge as a safe space. She and Tom claim they have accounts from Dante that Drew sexually assaulted him, as well as other claims of sexual assault against Drew. A proposal was inquired for the ban hammer to be laid upon Drew!]

Ryan: Innocent until proven guilty! Even though that, there’s quite a large body evidence showing that he’s innocent!

Tom: I’ve heard more than one account from an individual saying drew has sexually assaulted them. All of my women friends say they don’t want to come anymore because they might encounter Drew etc.

Ryan: Most of what has been said is literally just people claiming it. Drew being banned on a claim alone is ridiculous.

Pidgeon: Women feel unsafe, non-women feel unsafe because Drew remains here. Also reflects the general ethics of the space. People also found it disturbing that there are jokes of rape culture?

CJ: And there are members that come to noisebridge because they know Drew will be there that day, mind you!

Drew: I would like to bring up a point that hasn’t been made yet in this conversation. The group is going to have a sex toys conference here, isn’t that odd that there’s this rape thing going on. Rape is not a sexual thing, it is about power. That is important to know in this conversation. I don’t know why that point hasn’t been made, it should be made. Thank you.

CJ: None of the accusers are here to say anything in behalf. It’s difficult to gauge the truth in claims without hearing accounts from the people, or having them show up!

Tom: Would be unfortunate if people had to describe their sexual assault, account their sexual assault, and come confront their sexual assaulter to have them kicked out. It would be unfortunate why someone who didn’t feel comfortable confronting someone face to face is the bar to removal of that person’s treatment. I think this has gone on ridiculously long.

CJ: This issue to me seems more like whether or not this is okay whether than rather if this happened and what happened. I’m not entirely clear at this point whose accusing drew of this sexual assault. It’s even more confusing that we’re talking about rape culture.

Kevin:[To Pidgeon and Drew] I’d like to hear more about the massage. Could you described what happened?

Drew: He complained about knots in his shoulders. I’d move the backs of my hands along his shoulders, and occasionally move to my front palms. It was entirely on the back, until he turned around and moved over to his front and said “would you massage here too?” placing my hand to his groin area. And I restrained and stopped it, knowing it was a hacker space. In between which he gave me a hug!

Robert: I think to ban Drew at this stage would be outright wrong on Noisebridge’s behalf. I think there has a lot of negative hearsay towards Drew, and that a bunch of people could be systematically attacking one person.

Monad: There was no mediation. Accusations were made, lots of rumors flying about. Some people said the simple act of being accused should lead to your removal of the space. I would flat out block that. I believe that is unacceptable.

Pideon: How exactly can someone have evidence of sexual assault?

[Meeting prolongs, blocks remain.]

CJ: I’ve known Drew for a long time and he’s not the kind of member who would do those things. He is a really stand-up guy!

Tom: There’s really no largely distinguishable attitude traits between people who sexually assault others. It has very little to do on the basis of whether they seem like a stand-up guy or not! And while a judicial-type system, “Innocent until proven guilty”, show-tangible-evidence is a good system for other types of violations, though unfortunately it’s a poor system to use to evaluate for sexual assault.

[The consensus reached. Blocking members felt there was not enough basis to make the consensus that drew committed sexual assault and should leave the space.]

Proposals for next week [edit]

Proposals for next week[edit]

  • In a proposal put forward by SuperQ and presented by Michael, it was inquired that Noisebridge not renew our lease for the mission hacker space when it expires. Due to proposal-supporting members feeling uncomfortable and unsafe in the space, and dissatisfaction seeing Noisebridge becoming seedier in their opinion. One proposed solution to the challenge is to reboot Noisebridge, release the current hacker space and start anew. This solution aroused disagreements with some members of the meeting, who proposed the space has much potential and can be re-revolutionized into a bigger hacker mecca.

Discussion Notes[edit]

Ran out of time for discussion.


Cynthia: Helping to protect internet

Jean: Fashion/Jewelry

Ryan: Chemical Engineer/ Software Engineering


Kevin: Working with Dan digital signal processing

John: Ruby/Javascript Noisebridge

Russel: Creating game server


Jerry: Mac OS installing

Thomas: Come to classes here- System Admin

Morgan: virst visit- Software


Gavin: Food hacking

Adam: Hacking front door

CJ: Bay area Platform

Emrick: Robotics



Tow: Teaching how difficult to run infrastructure

Michael: Finland


Dan: signal processing

David: lockpicking

Jason: Raver hacker DJ

Andrew: Androids Now that the meeting is over, don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.