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These are the notes from the The 285th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: MP; Moderator: JH.

  • Consensed ban of Adam aka Joseph Adam Moore from NB [photo]
  • Deferred NB 'Open Hours'
  • Deferred end of trial period Keycode for Access to NB
  • Use GIT [1] to discuss language of new Harrassment policy

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Norman - Noisebridge Radio
  • Dana - Oct. 10@7pm in NB Kitchen -- Reprise coffee roasting workshop.
  • Roadie - Nov. 8-10. Memorial day hackathon. Wiki.
  • Kevin - Harrassment policy - W/douglas taking submissions for Poster to be placed in NB somewhere.
  • Evan - Albany Bulb - Solidarity Campout Tomorrow 6pm.
  • Robert - Intro to Programming Conference. Any programming language. Month or 2 months. Check wiki
  • Giovanni -- Radio. Meeting Tues and Fridays at 6pm
  • Dan - Symposium - Protocols vs Platforms on the internet
  • Douglas - Digital Audio Workstation in Back in DJ booth. Ongoing. Contact him to help, could use midi interface, cables

Membership Binder [edit]

  • JH: Richard, Nicklaus, V. Smith, J. Arnold -- No sponsors. Been in there a while.

Financial Report[edit]

  • JC: Sent Danny an email. Haven't seen him online though

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

1. Proposal to ban Adam (Joseph Adam Moore) : "Adam (Joseph Adam Moore) is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community."

Let's get photographs of people in question.
Violence (asked not to take notes)

2. Modify NB Open Hours. Jake [not in attendance]: Original wording: "Close NB to all other than Members, guests of Members, and ppl w/2 endorsements in Mem. Binder" New Wording (discussed this meeting): NB open 2300-10:00 only to Members, guests of Members, and people with two endorsements in Membership binder. [wording from Casey]

Dan: Proxy block to original wording from John Ellis. Being discussed in mailing list, in private, and in meeting. Do it on a trial basis as next step?
JH: Does proxy block hold even though wording has changed (from Jake)?
Kevin: Yes.
??: (point of process) Only a member may proxy for another member.
JH: Discuss til 9:15 (at 8:45)
Kevin: What is an associate member? What is process?
Casey: What Jake is proposing not up for discussion. This does away with Associate member concept. Saying
Kevin: Not a member, have app endorsed by 2 ppl, just sits there
Casey: That's prob how it would work. Most hackerspaces have more formal. Really simple, have to at least know a member
Kevin: How does this interact with classes? In particular with non-member classes?
Casey: That's why we chose 2300. Some ppl do-ocratically decided to shut place down.
Drew: Enjoy where this is going. Not affected. Thinks cart before horse. To be unspecified "associate member." What's an associate member? Needs to be defined.
Problem is: System as discussed is dependent upon definition of associate member. Can't move forward without consider what that other membership process would be.
Casey: Just updated wiki. Can't consense.
Drew: Makes no mention of 'associate member'?
Casey: no
Robert: Can persist w/o associate member concept. Enacting anti-harrassment policy. Can work toward making 24/7 hackerspace. Main concern: why are members not here. First members wanted it to be open space. If we closed it off, it would be problematic. Associate thing would hurt more than help. IE SudoRoom came at midnight before. This would cut them off. Address other concerns before extreme judgement here is made.
Dan: My objection. Because it includes strict definition of what you can and can not do at NB. Esp. w/o trial period. Need to protect culture which is to not have strict definition. --> Trial basis
???: Signature in binder not sufficient.
Casey: in some ways goes against spirit of NB. Doesn't know any other hackerspaces as open, policy wise, as NB.
Dan: if something sounds fishy, let's try it b4 it goes in our charter
JH: Is adding trial period to language of proposal make it more proposal.
Norman: how would that work
Casey: Have sunset on proposal. Needs to be reconensed after X time.
Rober: How would this affect classes and events?
Casey: Its in evening. Can you have john re-look at it (to Dan).
JH: Moving Forward

3. Service animals be kept at owners side. And that they do not leave animals here while they're gone.

Roady: What's the issue
Dan: Currently animals not allowed here unless service animal.
Kevin: Current practice
Dan: Patently obvious that if saw something like that,
Wes: how would you enforce that?
Dan: Not about enforcing. About how to deal with service animal. This is way to ensure we can remove someone/animal if they're leaving their animal unattended. Is that wrong?
Casey: only legal service animal is dog or small horse. is that a service animal, is that service animal trained to do work for specific disability. Emotional service not valid. must be under voice control and not disruptive.
Kevin: that makes it a lot clearer
monad: can ask to be kept at side but if they're disruptive or aggressive we can ask them to leave. withdraw proposal cause not enforcable by what casey is saying.
jh: can still ask ppl and their dog to leave

4. No longer a button to let someone in. Now a keycode to let someone in. Time to decide if reconsense. Been 24/7 for last 3 months.

Robert: like that it's really helpful at night. if just simple buzz more likely to let anyone in. ppl showing up at night to get in. has been going to door to ask ppl and they're generally ok with the fact that it is a workspace not a hangout space (esp. at night)
wes: at first thought it was weird at first couldn't just buzz ppl in. but now it makes sense.
JH: where do we stand? proposal: does this stand?
JC: doesn't define who can let ppl in space, but just says you need key code to do so.
Kevin: there are ways to let ppl know you are on you way.
kevin: suggest we defer it to next week b/c not much advance notice
jh: for tonight? no. kevin proposing we defer to next week. what do you think?
???: should ne available for others to see (wait a week)
jc: it's been more than 2 months. let's jsut make sure everyone knows about it for later
robert: think for tracking NB security access to see who is coming in

5. Drew: Would like to add "trolling" to harassment policy perhaps b/w sustained disruption of events

mischief: is 'trolling' not considered an unexcellent act?
drew: yes but it would coincide
jc: harrassment policy is in revisionary state. what is process for harrassment policy
dan: use github repo. change it on git. like a wiki. then come to meeting.
drew: sounds reasonable.
dan2: request for clarification, are you trolling?
robert: w/whole anti-harrassment policy. i think what we're doing is defining what it means to be excellent. better articulating so that its clear for a wider range of people.
mis: troling not an articulate phase
drew: (explains trolling) using rules to cause confusion in a group
mp: convo for git
Deferred (to git)

6. Pigeon. ReNoise? encompasses production of food

JH: do-ocratic
pdigin: one thing, announcement, rooftop?
jh: as far as i know can't use rooftop unless antennas.
raja: what if antennas had hydropnic growth
pidgin: ask permission from landlord? would it be ill advised not to ask?
dan: yes
Jh: consensus proposal items for the night done.

Proposals for next week [edit]

Proposal to ban Adam (Joseph Adam Moore) : "Adam (Joseph Adam Moore) is unwelcome at Noisebridge. He is prohibited from entering the space or participating in the community." (Add any new items for consensus to the Current Consensus Items page.)

Discussion Notes[edit]

(cont'd) from Consensus item #6)kevin: doesn't think unreasonable to ask them. succes more likely if you have a plan. done rooftop advocacy for years, load bearing and water drainage and damage to roof. planning

dan: agrees if have plan to pay for damage if goes wrong. do you have plan to mitigate damage or concerns?

robert: would be ok thing to try but our history with landlord. already have had 2 different leaks. usually when ppl go on roof they damage it and reason why it has leaked in pass. NB will be responsible. roofing is really expensive

giovanni: great idea but have lego robot go up there and tend to watering, etc. robot would be consistent.

jh: how to contact landlord?

mischief: talk to danny/treasurer would be point of contact to reach landlord

dan: maybe could use skylights if roots off-limits

robert: been numerous bio-type things in space have been all great but have failed b/c ppl stopped maintaining them. work to maintain. get a plan

jh: anymore disc. items?

dan: electrical work here messed up. who do we have look at it?

robert: talk to Jim

giovanni: item about financing necc. for radio against norman's wishes who wants to make annc. next wk. is there a method to talk about financing?

mischief: how $$ would be generated. would have to put it up for consensus. but if you wanted to add your own or other ppls funds, no need for consensus. cost for equipment or license?

giovanni: equipment

robert: NB anniversary. despite drama, there's been a lot of good and positive anything from layout to asking ppl to get out of space. a lot of ppl dedicated to keeping space excellent. would be nice to have party to bring old ppl in to show them whats up. lot of good not being addresssd or recognized on mailing list. suggest plan a party.

probably a month out for happening.

dan: wasted, we're kicking you out.

??: aaron swartz thing? johnny radio halloween thing?

jh: that concludes 285th noisebridge meeting.


  • Dana - Visiting.
  • KC - LEDs. Vinyl
  • Evan - Farmer. Circuit Hack
  • Dan - Programmer
  • Jordan -
  • Kevin - NB 1yr. Hack Science, data, dreams
  • Rice - Hack NB core
  • Vision - Hacking shirt
  • Tom - Sys admin
  • Wes - Programmer
  • Rachel 1.0 - used to be programmer, now physical objects
  • Alyssa - build and break
  • MP - design | / | / | X | \ | \ |
  • norman - NB radio
  • Dan - hacking LEDs
  • Joshua - Music. Music software
  • Cynthia - Kitchen
  • JC - Taking shit apart
  • Jarrod - architect