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These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: [User:Malaclyps]; Moderator: [User:Jarrod]

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary.

Short announcements and events

Vee says: This Thursday, several different groups are approaching Nancy Pelosi to stop Fast Track. TPP affects Vietnam.

Al says we have open houses and meet and greet: 7PM, on Mondays. Come by and meet people!

  • Bullet point list of announcements and events

Membership Binder

Ron is up for membership!

Ron is a consensed member of Noisebridge!

  • The name of the applicant, the week of their application, and their sponsors.

Financial Report

  • Funds in bank: $29,576

Consensus items

Dan is up for being banned.

Mediation between Dan and Al failed, according to Madelynn.

Dan says that Praveen was going to meet with Dan to continue the mediation after the meeting.

Al says that Dan said that he was a NSA spy, and Dan said later that it was a deliberate "smear". Al also heard that Dan had accused somebody of pulling a knife out on him in April. Therefore Al feels that this is a repeated behaviour.

Ari confirmed the invention of the knife fight.

Robin else said Dan yelled at him today.

Monad does believe that Dan has a problem with anger management.

Kevin hasn't heard from either party that the mediation ended poorly. So it seems to him that the mediation was moving in the right direction.

Madelynn does not feel Dan gave a good faith effort to the mediation. He was not interested in changing his behaviour.

Dan says: the situation with Rev. Mick and the knife fight was resolved. It was a joke. How long were you at the mediation Madelynn?

Madelynn says 30 minutes.

Dan says he wants more discussion with the disagreement with Robin.

Robin says ...

Vee doesn't want to choose sides.

Danny says that as a point of clarity, he didn't think that Rev. Mick left because of the faux knife fight, and that he felt that that was mostly Tony getting overexcited about the statement. Kevin says, given the confusion of the previous event, wanted to concentrate on the current event.

Dan says he said "he may or may not still be trying to get a job with the NSA". That is not a crazy thing to say. It's for the good of the community.

Al confirms that he interviewed at the NSA for the 2005, and said so in his book, a book whose profits he gives to the EFF (and Tor).

Kevin wants more discussion.

Robin was horrified when Dan yelled at Al about being a spy.

Dan: I'm being slandered. What Robin says is a fabrication. I've never said Al was a spy.

Ramone: Just because he worked for the NSA (not actually true -Ed.), you shouldn't use that against someone. What was the original source of this dispute.

Al: Dan and I started disagreeing a lot when I brought up banning Nick.

Madelyn: I think there's a pattern of not being able to keep your temper.

Ari: My only take is that it was designed to undermine trust.

Dan: I've said everything.

Al: Ron may or may not be a pedophile. Dan uses that "may or may not" phrasing, too. He wants to make that implied assumption. He has also said to me that I may or may not be a cocaine user.

John: Maybe an intermediate step -- that Dan take a break for a while.

Kevin: Yeah, I'm Dan's friend, I hack with him with Python, and neural net. It doesn't sound to me like we're an apology away from resolution -- if that was the case, mediation would have continued.

Ramone: Dan's awesome. Sensing there is still anger.

Danny: I'm looking for a pattern of behaviour.

Monad says he's intolerable.

Robin says he has always been at at him.

Kevin: Dan blew up at a meeting, and returned to apologise. He's rational, and he came back. If we can't deal with this, I'm not sure.

Danny: I think that's true, but there might be more of a push for this kind of banning.

Kevin: Dan has told me that one thing Al said to Dan: "Oh you should leave, but wait, you don't have anywhere else to go." Be it stated, that we have an anti-harassment policy that includes housing status.

Al: I said that, because I was implying that he had been banned from everywhere else.

Robin: People need to apologise for such behaviour.

Ramone: Jumping to a straight ban, seems too extreme. Maybe there should be further mediation.

Ron wants to make his return conditional on an anger management certificate.

Ari suggests alternative, getting a solid believable apology would be good.

James wants the outcome to be in Dan's court.

Dan: I'm sitting here calmly, really trying to hear this out, I don't want to be in a space where I'm not comfortable with the comfort-level of the people around me. I'm not looking to impose my presence, to be hyperbolic about it, that I'm a devil. I apologise for my tone. And I have apologised in this meeting. It's frustrating for me to hear that I'm not apologising, when I ahave. And it's frustrating for me when I've heard that I'll do it again, when I've said that I won't. I'll take anger management. I've had a great time at Noisebridge.

James: Does that make anything feel any different?

Azi: Do you have any thoughts, Dan?

Dan: It has a chilling effect on engaging on any policy discussions. I'm not going to stick around once I'm triggered. I would continue with mediation, and I'm really surprised to hear Madelynn and Al's report from mediation. There's a matter of fact here. I'm saying that I'm not lying.

John: I think we should give more consideration for Dan taking a break.

Robin: I liked the anger management proposal.

J.C.: Wait I turned up late. Why is this on the cards?

Al: I have been told that I triggered the abuse.

J.C. blocks.

Proposals from last week

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Proposals for next week

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Discussion Notes


  • List of names and short summary. For bonus points, link wiki user pages.
  • Curt not a member, heard of the place
  • Lorna have knitting machines to hack on!
  • Danny is interested in iPython notebook
  • Monad is hacking
  • Ari is your local Android gnome
  • Azi is your quadrocopter guide
  • Brandon is working on Clutter software
  • Ron likes to teach
  • Al software developer who writes programming books
  • Rossan I'm a newbie, here to learn
  • Christian not a member, hanging out
  • Mike looking for Mikos from last week's meeting
  • Oscar -- photographer, using the dark room, working on a show
  • Madelynn -- social engineer, hack on microcontrollers
  • John -- brainwave measurer, not allowed to do neurosurgery here
  • Kevin -- I'm glad John can't do neurosurgery, taking the Coursera cryptography course
  • Vee -- I think I'm an associate member. I tidy up, and make sure the trash goes out Tues/Thurs

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