Meeting Notes 2014 03 11

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These are the notes from the The 304th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Ryan; Moderator: Ron. Attendance was not taken.

Short announcements and events

  • A wild hakerspace appears: Norton Imperial Labs is getting started in SF.
  • Next week is Game Developer Conference (GDC)
  • Cleanup this Sunday at 12 noon

Membership Binder

  • Hephestus: week 4+, sponsors: Al, Setient, Will Sargent (w/o signature)
  • Kate K: Week 4+, sponsors: Al
  • QBit: Week 4, Sponsors: None
  • Howard: Week 4, Sponsors: Madeline, Setient. (Present at meeting)

Howard asked to be considered for membership. He was asked to learn more about consensus and to read and understand the anti-harassment policy first.

Financial Report

  • Incoming check of $10,000 to noisetor

Consensus items

Proposals from last week

Suspend Robin

This item reached consensus without objection. Nobody chose to stand aside.

Banning RAYC

Strong opinions were expressed. We agreed to ban RAYC for six months from the date of this meeting (until 2014-09-12). JC stood aside. We postponed discussion of a permanent ban.

Publish council member list in git repo

We discussed this item but did not reach consensus. We will continue discussion at a subsequent meeting

Banning Josh

We had a very long discussion. Two of the three people who had volunteered to speak with Josh were present and participated. We reached consensus. Kevin, JC, and James stood aside.

Proposals for next week

There were no new consensus proposals

Discussion Notes

Consensus process limitations

This was a continuation of our discussions of the problems exposed by the banning of Lee Sonko. We agreed that it is difficult to predict at which meeting will see discussion of which proposals, and at this is unreasonably inconvenient for those who cannot regularly attend meetings. We would like to solve this problem by having a process to predict at which future meetings a proposal will be elegible for consensus.

There were several proposals for different procedures to produce this outcome. We agreed that their authors should write them down, so that we can evalute them more easily.

Gregory Dillon

This was a short discussion. We firmly agreed that there is no reason why Gregory should not feel welcome to come to Noisebridge.

Publish council member list in git repo

Tom expressed the same planned procedure that he expressed at previous meetings. There was some discussion of the balance between individual privacy and a transparent decision-making process.