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These are the notes from the The 305th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Tom; Moderator: Jarrod.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Christian and Tiffany want to run a hackfest for Gnome, involving a bunch of kernel-hackers and other technical folks giving talks at Noisebridge.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Hephaestus: Al & Ron; week 4+
  • Kate Kliman: Al; week 4+

Financial Report[edit]

Danny reports that we have $31,669.17 in the bank.

Consensus items[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

House rules[edit]

We discussed this proposal. It reached consensus without objection. Nobody chose to stand aside.

Publishing member list[edit]

We discussed this proposal. It reached consensus without objection. Nobody chose to stand aside.

Perhamently banning RAYC[edit]

We discussed this proposal. Madelynn and Linkreincarnate objected. The proposal was rejected

House rules revisited[edit]

Kevin arrived late at the meeting. He objected to our consensus on the house rules proposal. We revisited the topic. Kevin expressed the following specific concerns about the rules:

  1. The notion of “activities of daily living” is ambiguous.
  2. Why do we suggest the use of specific storage locations if we can't protect those locations or enforce their use?
  3. The food section is entirely outside Kevin's understanding of Noisebridge's general operation.
  4. Although Kevin is willing to accept prohibiting sleeping at Noisebridge, it is not without concern.

We discussed these objections and the proposal in general. Tom will back out the commit and move it to a branch of the main repo. Kevin volunteered to author the next version of the proposal. Future discussion is deferred to a future meeting.

Proposals for next week [edit]

Remove Tom's administrator privileges[edit]

Linkreincarnate proposed that we remove Tom's administrator privileges on IRC and the mailing list because he is prone to abusing them. We discussed the topic. Tom substantially objected. Link notes that he thinks that Tom's objection to this proposal is in bad faith.

Ban Tom[edit]

Linkreincarnate proposated that we ban Tom from Noisebridge because shutting down the mailing list is a violation of our anti-harassment policy. We did not discuss this proposal. Tom substantially objected. Linkreincarnate retracted his proposal.

Suspend Tom[edit]

Kevin and Linkreincarnate propose suspending Tom's membership because in the Noisebridge council of his bad-faith participation in Noisebridge's consensus process, as shown by his objection to the above proposal to remove Tom's administrator privileges. Madelynn substantially objected.

Semi-publish the Noisebridge council & member lists[edit]

Tom proposed using a private access-controlled repo for our people lists. We discussed the topic. There were no objections.

Discussion Notes[edit]

The Gnome Foundation is bringing a hackfest to Noisebridge. They'd like to run a short speaker series by and for folks who work all parts of the Linux stack. Tom volunteers to coordinate that with them.


  • Jarrod is moderating the meeting..
  • Bill, a frequent visitor to the bay area.
  • Cynthia is a retired physican and like Noisebridge's Kitchen.
  • Monad just fools around.We had a meeting!
  • Andries is from South Africa.
  • Dan is a programmer and a Noisebridge regular.
  • Peter is a biologist and a computer scientist. He was recently at Oracle, now retired and looking for fun projects
  • Madelynn enjoys microcontrollers & wearables. She helps hardware companies make money doing cool things.
  • Tom is Noisbridge's tyrannical fascist despot.
  • Brandon is working on network software.
  • Phil works in C# & unity, with a little python.
  • Bill H lives in Fairfax. He has an impeccable wizard beard.
  • Christian works on free software. He's here representing Gnome, who want to run a hackfest here.
  • Tiffany is helping out with the Gnome hackfest.
  • Linkreincarnate arrived late and didn't have an opportunity to introduce himself.
  • Kevin arrived late and didn't have an opportunity to introduce himself.