Meeting Notes 2014 03 25

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You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
Don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.

These are the notes from the The XXXth Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: daravinne; Moderator: john shutt.

  • this meeting marks the First Noisebridge Public Meeting Drinking Game, plus people argue a lot about consensus being done away by the board, who is now taking a more active role in the political management of the space

Short announcements and events

5mof plug by john

tom is working on a thing to make gpg suck less; we wish him luck and godspeed. talk to casey or carlos. and robin noelle has threatened legal action against noisebridge so don't talk to him (her?)

madeline: mikey seagal is hosting an event on the 12th about consciousness hacking, event info is on the list

Membership Binder

no membership activity is being conducted this week

Financial Report

we do not know how much money we have because no one can get a hold of danny. no one wants to call danny on the phone even though i am willing to hand out his phone number.

Consensus items

Consensus is no longer being done in general meetings, only in one meeting a month on the first tuesday.

Discussion Notes

who is torrenting at the space and killing bandwidth? don't do "illegal" things at the space. don't eat our bandwidth either.

madeleine says: announce email went out about consensus and board changes. madeline describes those changes. membership has become one tier (i thought it already did)

john's question: do you still have to wait a month to become a member?

tom clarifies: to become a Member, come to one monthly meeting, present yourself as clean with pants on and personal description, submit an application form; all current members will be able to see the membership applications. assuming you submitted your membership in time you are eligible to become a member if you have enough sponsoe\rs. subject to usual meeting interrogation and public display. slightly modified first month go around: wiki sponsors continue to be sponsors.

Kevin starts saying some stuff that is droney

moderating kerfuffle

thex asks about, and madeline explains some things about board process happening regarding consensus

dan asks about asking the members about discussion about the change

Kevin says more droney things

people debate about stuff!

start your own hackerspace somewhere else dan wants to know about, and thex talks about the process to vote to remove the board

no hat banning is being talked about for some reason hey let's debate about when someone was blocked

john gets the stack thing right! go john go

madeline explains board decision speed. made a vote that board wanted to take a more active role in noisebridge than it has been in the past. current process has proven not effective and board believes it is worth a shot to take an active role.

kevin drones

thex and al talk about process

v talks about banning josh nohat in his absence and whether it is ok

tom has a procedural comment

john wants to know if board and policy change should be separate

tom says they don't have to be since they are connected

people talking about stuff

we are clarifying what consensus is actually, as a process

dan wants to know about how many people voting for memberships per person in the case of al and tom

tom explains elections to thex, how the numbers work and the voting turnout and suchwhat

kevin oh god why

tom corrects kevin's understanding of what tom may have said

madeline clarifies something

john ellis talks

john asks if anything is governed by member consensus still or just by the board now?

madeline answers that the membership process and bannings is the same? are still up for consensus. meetings are still an arena for discussion, welcoming guests and bringing the focus back to community and projects, away from banning and policy changes and other unfun stuff

al says he is against consensus and they still voted him in

kevin talks again. oh no he wants to read notes

kevin describes something inaccurately

tom answers kevin's dumb question length

about the board changing the procedure for consensus

dan yells

david is up next david has a spiffy scarfy thing and some glasses david urges us not to do away with consensus

ari talks about her experience of consensus in her time going to the meetings

people are just discussing consensus related nonsense i have beer

kevin threatens to quit

uh stuff happens drinking happens too

we consense on beer fastest consensus ever

i make tom sad


john john again (ellis) some guy who does game stuff jade who does stuff i might have missed someone here david : games developer phil: C sharp and general computing ross software engineer apis webdev al sweigart is why we can't have nice things catherine is new chris is into neurohacking and quantum teleportation madeline does microcontrollers in clothing tom is in on the jokes monad likes spirituality Now that the meeting is over, don't forget to post the meeting notes to the wiki and e-mail the discussion list with a short summary.