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Meeting Notes June 17 2014

These are the notes from the The 318th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Naomi; Moderator: Jarrod.


Short announcements and events

John Shutt: This 5MoF is going to be cool. Thursday at 8pm. Jean-Jacques: the front doorbell still doesn’t work. Cory: the kitchen group met, talked about taking food away. JJ: let’s put up signs. Kevin: ToorCamp organization — I’ll post to the mailing list when I have a wiki page. Matt: building an IndieGoGo campaign for Noisebridge. Organizing the party! Jarrod: we’re closing in July!

Membership Binder

Qbit - week 4+ - one sponsor Sid Scott - week 4+ - blocked, one sponsor Jarrod - week 2 - two sponsors John Ellis - week 4+ - two sponsors Xavier - week 4+ - one sponsor Tristan - week 1 - no sponsors

Financial Report

Funds in bank: ~$39,603K There are $5576.33 earmarked NoiseTor funds Colo service has been paid through Mar 7, 2013 There are enough funds to pay for an additional 7 months of colo This information was updated at Tue Jun 17 19:00:03 2014

Consensus items

Proposals from last week

Access Policy Reboot proposed by Dan F.

  • Dan: Casey had problems with this, so I would not be comfortable putting this up for Consensus without Casey's assent. I don't mind if we table this.
  • Cory asks for clarification -- we're changing it to "Noisebridge should be as open as possible"? Jarrod: yes.
  • Dan: there are Consensed-upon policies such as "NB should be able to be closed when not in use"... I'd like to get Jake to weigh in on this stuff. "It doesn't compile", no one actually acts on it; let's get rid of that code. It's no-op. Put something Real in there. The policy still has AMs and Access Control...
  • Kevin: are we waiting on Casey for a legitimate reason? haven't heard anything from him and nothing's moving forward.
  • Naomi: There's no reason a proposal has to "go forward" or not.
  • Dan: I want to err on the side of caution and build a true Consensus. Set a precedent of good behavior.
  • Josh: what were Casey's actual concerns?
  • Dan: I don't really remember. Just want to give him a chance to articulate the reasons for his discomfort, either stand aside or block. This does not matter that much right now. What matters is respecting Consensus.
  • Dan: Next week - either blocked or pass.
  • Naomi: Or keep it tabled. "pass/fail" is a false dichotomy we've invented for the Consensus process lately.

Proposals for next week


Discussion Notes

Noisebridge Reboot Planning Update

[This item occurred first in the meeting to make sure it was given a lot of time.]

Neil: we’ve been in the space about 3 times, different lengths of time, figuring out what’s here, what the inspector might not want to be here. We have 21 items on this detailed list. Hard copies and a copy on a USB disk. [PDF will be available on mailing list and wiki.]

The subpanel outside the door is going to be replaced, which implies a bunch of other work.

By JULY 8TH we’re hoping to have the inspector come through and say, “you have to do X, Y, and Z” and then we’re good.

Naomi: we may have to plan a little ahead of when we’d like, in terms of how we might reorganize the space.

Neil: We’d like to come in for 5 consecutive mornings since we see most of your stuff happens at night. Starting this Friday, and then next Thursday and Friday.

A group of interested NBers need to talk about what to do with/about the “member shelving” area.

Jim: general point - subpanels are good, efficient way of distributing things. Neil: yeah, I think there are 4 or 5 of them, if you know if you need another one, but at this point we’re thinking there’s one that’s not even being used [points to the member shelving]

Neil: come up with decisions on your usage of the space (the areas that are currently ??? like the member shelving area) within the next week or so.

Neil: Let's make sure we communicate current conditions of the space to people, especially during “soft close” (could be open panels, draped wires…)

Neil: do we want multiple light switches controlling the lights? Jim: [shakes head “no"] Simple, simple, simple.

Neil elaborates on the working groups identified (see PDF). Jim has many things to say about paint.

Naomi spreads the word about the riseup pads we are now using for organization -- here they are:

Neil & Tim Schedule for Immediate Term:

this Friday 8am-noonish next Thursday 8am-noonish next Friday 8am-noonish

Handful of people need to be “around” to keep the electrical workspaces clear and help move things around. About 6 people raise hands to say they can help with that.


Chuck - computer shop in BayView, contribute food. [missed your name sorry] - from Colombia, anthropologist interested in hacker communities Allen - software & photography, looking for AM sponsorship Matt - “it was nice to take a break from NB, hahahaha” Kevin - here on Wednesdays for neurohacking, doing machine learning Daniel - came here to help Jim - “My name is Jim.” John - I host 5MoF, THIS THURSDAY Cory - [something] Alma - sewing area Chris - helping with the Reboot Naomi - doing too many things Jean-Jacques - solar electric cells, handyman business Jarrod - moderating Neil - C10 Electrician here with a solid report Deja - feeling ?apprehensive? about being here Emerson - fixes computer screens Dan - programmer, been here about a year and a half. feel gratitude & strong desire to help NB. Joshua?

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