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These are the notes from the The 324th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Jade; Moderator: Kevin.


J.: Moved from LA five months ago, found Noisebridge a month later and has been participating since.

Jean Jaques: Has been participating at Noisebridge for 3 years - alternative energy solar panels, takes out trash and builds walls

Greg: from Maine, 1st time, part of PlayNexus, designer, looking for interesting things to get looped into

Scotty: been around for a couple years, more now - hacking on drywall, and greeter committee stuff

AndyMC aka signal: likes blinky things, Machine Learning

Henner: working on RFID - software by day, hardware by night

Dana: back in SF, beaglebone black hacking

Pavol: RFID with Henner

Nathan: tracel by gas, PlayNexus - free energy devices - Web software

Monad: thinker

Casey: Has been participating at Noisebridge since July 2010, working on the network, likes gpg

Mike: came with Monad, former member, works on problems with the junk at Noisebridge. Noisebridge faces failure attempting to make everyone happy all the time.

Dan: programmer and artist

Jade: Does python and NeuroHacking


Naomi: Has been participating at Noisebridge since 2009, shit disturber

Kevin: Does NeuroHacking - looking at inter-cranial data to predict seizures

Torrie: transient drifter who does C++ sometimes

Emerson: working on compsci degree at CCSF

Membership Binder

What is membership?

Naomi: Active member of the community, feel open and engaged to express your thoughts, people are encouraged to hang around for 6 months then apply - wait 4 weeks. Sole Privilege - participate in consensus, block by raising a principled objection.

Monad: Only members can be here 24 hours a day


Daniel Lewis: 4th+ week, no sponsors

Tristan Mosley: 4th+ week, no sponsors

Financial Report

  • Unknown
  • The lights are on
  • See last weeks report

Consensus items

What is consensus?

Mike: Consensus process is working out issues with each other until we reach a unified agreement

Kevin: must be discussed for 2 weeks

Proposals from last week

Date First Discussed Proposed By Informal Title Summary and pull request. Author of this Record
2014-08-05 Torrie Reciprocal Bans With Sudo Room If the Sudo Room hackerspace in Oakland bans a person from their space for reasons of safety, that person is not welcome at Noisebridge unless explicitly consensed upon by the community. John Shutt

Monad: Does this include HayHackers?

null: This consensus item pertains to Sudo Room and Noisebridge.

AndyMC: Last week sentiment was that we need to define the default cases, do we default, or do we reach a consensus and they are banned, guilty unless proven innocent

Kevin: Shouldn’t go through consensus, why?

Dan: revise add: or other community working group community process

Naomi: *concern* -- we shouldn't push this kind of issue through Consensus, and if you make this an option, certain types of people will see it as their right to impose this process on our meetings.

AndyMC: Gathering of the hackerspaces soon, hosted at Omni

Dan: unless “appropriate community review”

Torrie: explicitly "welcomed back" by the community

Henner: concern - too unofficial, besides consensus

Dan: it is our culture that there is some wiggle room and grey area, if no one enforces them make better rules

AndyMC: less about trying to be very strict about the rule, need to gain acceptance from the community, in some cases there’s redemption and sticking the rules can be a problem

Naomi: rules are easy to exploit; a strong community is not. There’s opportunity for people to be sponsored in. Rules at Noisebridge are hard to enforce and easily exploitable.

Monad: RAYC was asked to abstain from being here, this hasn’t been enforced so RAYC comes

Kevin: we like the wording change If the Sudo Room hackerspace in Oakland bans a person from their space for reasons of safety, that person is not welcome at Noisebridge unless explicitly welcomed back by the community.

Events and Announcements

Torrie: The BACHs - register the event Sept. 11th and 12th - bay area consortium of hacker spaces

Kevin: hosting cinema hacking - citizen keynote - 3rd friday at Noisebridge. talk to Podavski if interested

Discussion Notes

Mike: what Noisebridge receives as donations, we should always accept money, but screen other things

Monad: Moving shop to church

RAYC: there’s work to be done at Noisebridge

Monad: shop is 24’ church is 27’ stairs make space unusable, projections will be clearer in the space of the shop

Henner: needs a wall

Torrie: stairwell, knock down banister and build floor

AndyMC: the floors in the dirty shop is nice and dirty and the floors in the church are nice and clear, might be ruined

RAYC: debris in shop should stay in the back. the noise will be better in contained in back

Dana: do we get noise complaints? would that effect our neighbors

RAYC: no

Jean Jaques: city inspection -major concern, electrical wiring. not in favor in moving it. Want more space for classes, not shop.

Monad: the wiring work needs to be done in both rooms, the shop needs ventilation and exhaust. Shop is not that much bigger.

Torrie: sanders - they redid floors knowing it will be ruined. it’s okay.

Monad: Jared’s plan was to have noise in back

Scotty: perspective - observed we’re running out of steam and need to drive towards completion, want to finish what they started before the shop swap

Monad: putting the projector up, walls don’t need to be put up before inspection

Torrie: likes the plan, but wants to get inspection done with first. wants to write down what needs to be done in the shop swap

RAYC: move everything now - less work for the future

Casey: the shop we have is better than the best shop in the world

Mike addresses junk

Mike: the main problem is the definition of Noisebridge itself. what is Noisebridge mostly used for. Most people use it for classes, not about fixing broken TVs. Not a used car lot.

Henner: agrees, Noisebridge has a broken window problem, collects more junk. Pre-screen stuff. Someone should be responsible for accepting things. take things apart and but it right bins. at that point things are more useful. Default reject. ’take apart wednesday’

Mike: everything should be accounted for, don’t want to deal with parts no-one uses.

Scotty: disagrees with Mike: came to circuit hacking monday - worked with junk. Likes it’s like a junk shop. hate to loose that atmosphere. agree’s we should be curating it. Wants Liberal acceptance policy and Radical getting rid of stuff

RAYC: Noisebridge isn’t predominantly classes. problem we’re having is infrastructure problem. need a way to process the donations and have a more organized parts storage. Create of flow chart to ensure timely removal and have a procurement area. London Hack space has a system, green, yellow, red. two weeks for each part. and we should have a reserve area

AndyMC: green tag yellow tag red tag system, parking ticket parking permit system. at Pumping Stations 1. tidy spaces

Torrie: tried a variant and was ridiculously successful.

Jean Jaques: should have a donations working group - screen donations. need to know out criteria (list or guideline system), what people want. and what to consider. and likes dating idea. Hacker Alley Librarian System

Monad: going to have it fine, but keep it under control. needs limits

Dana: agree with working group and dating system. Hacker alley is a great place. want to manage it

Naomi: new channel on slack

AndyMC: pitch for slack

Mike: should have a Free Table

RAYC: wants a photo-booth for incoming donations

RAYC: there’s work to be done. Noisebridge is in a good state - a better state than before still a lot of work to do. Concerned of influx of people coming in right now with electrician tools laying around. When will electricians be done. Busy work - sheet rocking, sanding, painting, and filtering through pile in space

Naomi: what’s here is what’s supposed to be here

Kevin: if we set up shop and hack-shelves, and library shelving and electronics bench - that will be a leap forward, and Noisebridge will be up and running.

AndyMC: asks for electric update

Jean Jaques: Electrician says everything is pretty much done, just need wiring by the elevator and front door. Everything is done. Putting off overhead lighting - turned out to be not UL approved, will make better lighting after inspection. Should finish pantry next couple days. Water heater is a can of worms - plumber will come in for advice - take out water heater, draining issues. get smaller one. Wiring is done besides minor areas

Scotty: Library area - finish mudding and painting it. bookcases - where are they?

Naomi: Q: listing of minor things?

Jean Jaques: not clear, ask Neil, the electrician. need exit light.

Naomi: plan to sort three major areas - nothings blocking us

Scotty: what about that wall?

Torrie: AV wall, will be fixed

RAYC: started Noisebridge spaceship design theme group. Library shelves are 2x4’s against this wall

Andy: *popped off stack*

Casey: where is the box of doorknobs!? needs a spare gate lock

Henner: has a spare