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Meeting notes 9/23/14

You should read the meeting instructions forthwith!
These are the notes from the The 327th Meeting of Noisebridge. Note-taker: Harry, Matthew McKenna; Moderator: Torry

  • One or two bullet points of high-level meeting summary. =
 -Concern about lack of participation from Treasurer and too much opacity around $.  
 -Discussion on things which could be automated and what can't.
 -New greeter hours and access policy.

Attendance = * List of names and short summary. For bonus points, link wiki user pages. 300th meetting or so

anag: tinkers on things jared: khan: business devloper Harry: software engineer emerson: hardware guy matt: into cartography & opengeo fulton: maker from illinois visiting james: musician mike khan: try to make physics and science be useful and accessible matt: hardware & scifi jason: traveler into philosophy and education Mitch: that guy patrick: software engineer trying to get into more physical things rays: mover torrie: resident of oakland bill: trying to fix camera john jaces: alternative energy adrian:

Short announcements and events[edit]

jared: 27 Sept 1700 (5pm) Noisbridge against humanity

mitch: finalize indigogo stuff , mitch must fufill high end prizes (21 ultra cool items)

could anyone return battery

James: Oct 4 8pm - Noisbridge remix party Oct 4, Already perfomances and art installations scheduled. Coordinated by Naomi. Fun party not fundraiser 8pm.


   New event proposal, co learning on how to start a startup. to go to discussion items

rays Reboot still goin, List of things to be done. Will be posted in space. Electician spoken to, needs to submit a SOW, some official stuff, he's looking to close loose ends. Secure nice tools which belong to contractor.

James: Nov 22nd Hacker Holliday: weekend before thanksgiving for fun stuff! Get involved all!

Torry Tomorrow: instructables build night, lots of cool stuff donated

Sat Cards against humanity

* Bullet point list of announcements and events  = 
  -27 Sept 1700 (5pm) Noisbridge against humanity
  -Oct 4 8pm - Noisbridge remix party
  -Nov 22nd Hacker Holliday: weekend before thanksgiving for fun stuff! Get involved all!

Membership Binder  = * The name of the applicant, the week of their application, and their sponsors.  = 

Membership not necessary at all to use space. Membership makes it public that the community can rely/depend on you. Dues involved as well.


   Meet people and do stuff there.
   Submit application
   get 2 sponsors
   At forth meeting consensus process to decide on new members
   Then you start forking over dues

Mitch: New greeter hours Noisebridge open to members and their guests when no greeter is there.

11am - 11pm late hours have proven to be problematic

There is no associate membership

also there aren't

Lot's of people want to contribute associate membership is a way

Membership applications:

   Daniel Lewis: 8th week needs sponsors
   Tristen Mosley: 8th week needs sponsors
   A PDF is in the wiki if you want a new applicaiton
Financial Report = * Funds in bank: * Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of  

Question why is John not attending Tues meetings

No treasure present.r


   Yesterday large deposit $1700+ 

Mitch: Now far fewer people with access to accounts No active treasurer which is needed. Possibly hire someone

Direct deposit is getting set up soon

Account confirmed it's with Wells Fargo

Find daniel brian to transfer treasurer knowledge

Consensus items[edit]


consensed there's nothing to consense on

Proposals for next week[edit]

Discussion Notes[edit]


   Looking for meetup, quieter time
   Sunday 5-7:30pm 
   Learn how to make a startup.

Should be cool to put it on the wiki and publicize

Rayce Projector in church should be available. Hard Thick doors on the shop and soundproofing much better

Not unexcellent to ask people to be quiet

Lot's of t-shirts ordered

John Shutt onboard for doing money stuff

A bunch of people trying to get $ things automated



 A number of people would like to handle financials, but they need to be paid.


   It can be preferable to have a third party dealing with the sensitive $ stuff

Documentation working group:

   How can we get all this stuff documented. Mostly on the wiki.

Important to have an engaged person dealing with the treasury stuff.

Volunteering for treasury things. Concerned

Hard parts of bills:

   keeping track of membership
   membership went away with bad managment

Use software to track memberships and payments

New expendatures should be consensed

Tie in rfid readers to membership standing

Committee to automate things.


   wants to 

Break down


   needs would like to help out organising making some of this happen and discussing.


   Thursdays at seven documentation working group night
   Talk about general stuff we can do to document Noisebridge


   Still lots of rebooting to do, 13 days


   Worrking on Trello board for finishing reboot stuff
   a few days, Jarred, shop master to give thoughts on space
   Audio booth deal?/

parts list getting worked on for sound area. Plus getting lockboxes for each room New projectors w/ chromecasts. Probably in a bout a month that stuff will get moving.


   About the library, worried about bookshelves falling over, wants to mount racks.
   make it safer by maybe mounting things


   Finish stairwell in back before inspection. Conduits and other stuff need to get done darn well.

Conduit hanging down over bikes, will getting down at somepoint