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These are the notes from the 364th Meeting of Noisebridge

Note taker: Patrick

Moderators: Torrie


  • Lee Sonko is unbanned!
  • Trent is a member!


Trent explains what is this "Noisebridge" of which people speak.

  • Mari - Contributes artistic ideas. Here to learn things. Friendly! Contributes a smiley friendly attitude. Found noisebridge through a friend.
  • Brad - Coming a year-ish. Hacks th= Introductions =

Trent explains what is this "Noisebridge" of which people speak.

  • Mari - Contributes artistic ideas. Here to learn things. Friendly! Contributes a smiley friendly attitude. Found noisebridge through a friend.
  • Brad - Coming a year-ish. Hacks things during the day. Came to trent's class.
  • Blake - 2nd time ever here. Now at a meeting. Systems engineer for the last 7 years. Read about us on a "blog"
  • Omar - Here every now and again.
  • Anne - 1st time here. Enjoying observing the environment. A painter. Came with Omar.
  • Kelly - A Berkeley resident. Came by for the software radio meetup.
  • Kyle - Found Noisebridge 3 years ago for the sewing machine. Does sewing things.
  • Dave - "piglipstick" working on a project with rowdy pixels
  • Torrie - I have no association with hacking team. Came to NB like 18 months ago
  • Patrick - Does things w/ numbers
  • Trent - Teaches pyclass on Mondays. Is curating the library, and want people to curate subjects with him.
  • Jim - 1st time here. Came to check it out. Here to do things w/ electronics.
  • Frank - Here since March. Likes SDR.
  • Star - Friends w/ Mo. Likes visual design, origami, math and things like that.
  • Chris - Heard about NB from Mo & Star. 3rd time here. Does a lot of fabrication stuff w/ wood and metal.

Short announcements and events[edit]

  • Kyle - 5MOF idea: Intro to noisebridge sewing area.
  • Torrie - 5MOF next Thursday.
  • Patrick - Possible FOIA event at Noisebridge. Needs someone to facilitate.
  • Patrick - EFF 25th Anniversary Party.

Membership Binder [edit]

  • Patrick explains membership. Take membership and search / replace "stewardship" with it.

Trent's membership[edit]

  • David - Greatest weakness: too ambitious
  • Torrie - Greatest fears: spiders, public speaking.
  • Torrie - What makes you happy?
  • Trent - I like working on long projects. I like working with groups to achieve a greater goal. I'm trying to create a library working group at Noisebridge. I like long endless projects.
  • Patrick - What could you possibly want from membership?
  • Trent - Fulfillment through contribution to Noisebridge, helping the community and the space. I've been teaching the Python class for over a year. I want to contribute the energy, positiveness, seriousness in the impression that people get from Noisebridge and help better it for those that come to the space.
  • Torrie - How would you deal with someone in the community who's talking shit about someone else? Would that be a problem?
  • Trent - Yep that'd be a problem. I'd first state that I don't think it's ok. Then they have the choice to persist, or to give it up. If they persisted then I'd likely opt for mediation to try and resolve it. Were it harassment I'd just ask them to leave
  • Torrie - What about someone who feels entitled to membership? They're arguing with you about what it means to contribute, to be a member.
  • Trent - Either it's a person who contributes and is excellent but has ideas that I don't agree with. In that case I'd like to clarify that and help them understand / understand their viewpoint. I'd certainly ask others their opinion. If they were just being argumentative with me I'd likely opt for mediation. If you're generally argumentative I think it's an unreasonable thing to expect to spend peoples time like that.
  • Question - Can you vote members out? Answer: it's hard to remove members, but there was one instance where we have banned someone who was a member. We take membership seriously a) because of the legal status and b) because it's toxic to the culture to have "bad" members.

Financial Report[edit]

  • Funds in bank: $28,600k in the bank. Just paid rent.
  • Noisetor (See the bulletpoints at the bottom of
  • Any other details by those participating in handling our financials

Consensus and Discussion[edit]

Proposals from last week [edit]

Unbanning Lee Sonko[edit]

  • Patrick - Context: Lee's banning was an inflection point in Noisebridge's history.
  • Alex - What was the deal with his wiki editing that led to him being banned?
  • Torrie - Some page that wasn't locked, but had a notice which said don't edit. There was some back and forth, which ramped straight up to "Let's *Ban* Lee". Lee wasn't present to state his case
  • Patrick - Unbanning Lee is writing a wrong of Noisebridge's history

It is so consensed that Lee Sonko be unbanned from Noisebridge

Proposals for next week [edit]

None tonight.

Discussion Items[edit]

None tonight.