Meeting Notes 2015 08 18

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  • Yemel: argentina, works for a company in SF. worked remotely in Buenos Aires and rented a place where they all worked together. hacked projs in spare time. interested in the concept of a hacker space
  • Paul: from montreal
  • Jack: DC and boston. moved here in nov.
  • Sloan: sf been involved in this space for a while
  • Dan: conneticut, went to school in Philly, been here a year.
  • Gordon: works with yemel, read homeland and read about noisebridge. found a hackerspace in atlanta.
  • Joyti: lawyer, but teaching herself to code. hoping to become philanthropist
  • Andrew: makes music and games. likes creating stuff
  • Ami: introduced through mari. here for Unity class.
  • Luis: makes art and games. also here for runity
  • Yoshi: from japan. majoring in marketing and a bit of computer science. friend in japan told him about
  • Nathan: computer scientist by education, game designer by trade
  • Mark: game designer, interested in all sorts of game stuff. likes doing art, music, etc.
  • Mari: i like video games and i’m taking notes
  • J: been around nb for a while since teh reboot. sysadmin. #1 reasons why i love this place is that this reflects what i truly believe that knowledge should be f ree, available and accessible to everyone. all you need is desire and time, and that’s why i love NB